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Music Adventure 1 Story(2010 MAYHEM/UPROAR)

First Post

Almost finished and about to start raging it!!

Early Pictures

AthiarchisTV 39

2nd Mobile Show


Guitar center Eugene Oregon


The generator at one point today during the control board swap out, $800 part intalled on the side of a road in downtown Portland

Sidewalk Circle Pit

Had a fucking raging first show in Portland, absolutley in fucking sane!! Really can’t wait to see what the days ahead bring, raging it every day with Hatebreed is like a dream come true!!
Will have some pictures and videos up soon, were editing on the road!!

#3 Roseland Portland, OR

This was the first show after the generator fiasco, we got it running just in time to rage it after the Hatebreed / 3 Inches Of Blood show an it was hands down the most insane show we have EVER played. It might have just been the fact that for two weeks we couldn’t rage on our broken stage, or it might have been the entire sidewalk packed with our friends raging it with us outside the show, but we have it all on video and will have it up as soon as we reach Internet on the laptop. Still trying to get over the fact that we finished this thing in time, it was looking pretty grim for a few days there!

#4 Auburn WA Mayhem Fest 12:30pm

The line started wrapping around, we had over 50 “let them play” Athiarchists protest signs handed out, and we started fucking raging it. Definitely a lot easier playing parking lots like mayhem when you can set up and be gone in under 5 seconds. About 5 songs in security asked us to stop, and we did, but some of our friends didn’t get to hear their favorite song…..

#5 Auburn WA Mayhem Fest 11:30pm

Quite a few people came just to see us rage it, and missed us because of traffic. We had to play when the last band got done(Korn), plus we honestly believe that entertaining people while everyone else is leaving helps the whole traffic situation anyway. This show rivaled Portland the night before. Right as Korn played their last note we rolled open the door and raged it for a solid 40 min with no getting shut down. People were having a fuckin great time, and so were we, by far the craziest mayhem parking lot show we have ever done, on to Idaho

Drive To Idaho

Ran out of gas after driving all night without sleep, luckily someone from ODOT stopped by and gave us a gallon of gas, went back to the bottom of the hill and got a ridiculous ammount of gas, that fucker was empty


You win some, you lose some, Idaho has some weird fucking laws, got shut down before we started.  The dude was totally cool and it was understandable, some places just aren’t ready for this shit, we’ll rage it in the desert tonight, maybe search for a world record to break, heading to Phoenix via Salt Lake City, we are The Athiarchists, and you can’t stop us, because as long as were still breathing, we haven’t been stopped

Driving Day

Here’s the run down of the last 24 hours…4 states(Idaho Utah Nevada Arizona), 183 gallons of gas, and a gallon of 10/30 motor oil…now that’s a fucking day, on to Mayhem in Phoenix tomorrow where ANYTHING can happen, then were off to new Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas City

Let Them Play


Support the freedom music act

Discouraging to Encouraging

Just went from a discouraging moment of the parking lot being full to an encouraging moment of finding an open entrance that we can make it into the lot and rage it, fucking awesome having a scout car, especially with venue that have no parking for mobile stages!

#6 MAYHEM Phoenix AZ Cricket Pavillion

So Dano has family in AZ, which means we had a scout car to check out the parking lot before rolling in with the stage. They wouldn’t even let us in with a car because the lot was so full. Dano convinced them we needed to see the band parking so the led us there. Seeing a perfect entrance to pull the uhaul in by the bands. Morale improves and we decided tonight were going to rage it for the bands.

Well be back in 45…in 45 we roll up in front of all the busses, roll open the door, and play the most intense 30 minute set we ever have played, in 110 degree heat at 10:30pm, during the end of Rob Zombies set and the beginning of Korns.

This is where we got the saying “put us on your writer and we will show up and rage it in the parking lot at your show. No one knew what the fuck was going on, it was fucking awesome, perfect setting for the Music Adventure Stage!

Make sure and check out ALL the 2nd and 3rd stage Mayhem bands, they are all fucking awesome people, and their music influences the world!!!

Albuquerque Mayhem Update

After dealing with the hottest day on the entire Mayhem Tour(118 degrees) we decided it would be a good idea to leave and drive all night over to Albuquerque to avoid overheating.  We were going to have to go through Flagstaff which is what I am guessing the drive that killed the motor on the van.  It was pretty much straight uphill to Flag Town the whole way.  Not just a gradual uphill either, that was the steepest drive I have ever done, and just when you think it doesn’t get any steeper, it does.  By the time we hit Flagstaff, 5AM Aaron was out in full effect.  There is a video on here of that, I take all my clothes off while driving and singing Jackson Browne’s “Somebody’s Baby”.  I was having a great time, aulthough I really should have been sleeping.  We made it into Albuquerque around 10AM, as we were pulling into the show I was hearing some really weird noise coming from the engine, turns out that sound was two of the lower rod bearings were out and slamming the piston against the spark plugs.  We parked back by the bands even though at this point we still didn’t have permission to be on the tour.  I passed out for the entire day, and woke up sometime around 8PM, then got shit ready to go rage it in the parking lot after Zombie is done.

The parking layout was pretty cool, but finding a parking spot was a little hard, this was a sold out show and no one had really left yet.  we found an open spot kind of in the middle front so we took it.  Opened the door up when people started coming out and raged it for a half hour.  There were police everywhere checking us out, and that’s just what they were doing, checking us out.  After the show Wassus was asking me why they were taking pictures with their cel phones and running things on their computers, I told him they were probalby taking pictures and sending them to their friends, because they didn’t do anyting about us playing right in front of them.  We finished up, sold some shirts and CD’s, talked to people for a minute that hung around, aulthough most of them were scared away by the fuzz still sitting there making sure no one was drinking.


(30 min later) Hey Wassus, you hear that?  Yeah that sounds kind of weird, lets pull over and check it out.  We fueled up and checked under the hood, saw that this air cooling hose had come off, so we taped it back up, then fired the beast up and heard the worst sound we could possibly hear from the motor, so we decided to park and check it out in the morning, this can’t be good.  It made an even worse sound in the morning, and we knew we were fucked.  It is now Sunday and we can not get a tow anywhere because we do not know what mechanic to have it towed to in Albuquerque until Monday.  Looks like were going to be stuck here for a minute, on an Indian Reservation, at a casino/gas station, I can definitely think of worse places, next blog Fear and Loathing in The Hollywood Hills of New Mexico….

Never Lost or Broken, Just Cruisin

Broke down north of Albuquerquie, probably going to be putting a reconditioned motor in, well miss a day or two but that’s what happens when you have no money and you’re driving a vehicle with 240,000 miles, we take the good with the bad, and the ugly!

A Shred of Hope in a Sea of Disaster

Things are looking up, after having to sit at a casino for 36 hours because it was Subday yesterday, our good buddy Bryan found u a mechanic that can install it, now were trying to find the closest reconditioned 454 to Albuquerque, game on!!!

Fear and Loathing in the Hollywood Hills of New Mexico

Let me tell you something, dont EVER fucking break down on a weekend, and if you do, just try and come to the colclusion early on that you will be stranded wherever you are until monday.  Even if we could get a heavy tow out of there we had no idea where they should take us to.  We had to find a mechanic to take it to before it could be towed, the fucking catch 22 of the century.  Sunday morning I put a post out on facebook asking if anyone knows an auto mechanic in Albuquerque.  Our friend Camisha from Vancouver said her brother Brian lives there and could probably help us out, sent us his number, and he was out there in a little under an hour.  He checked it out and let us know were going to have to get it into a mechanic first thing monday morning, he took off and started making some phone calls, but everywhere was closed so were pretty much playing the waiting game until Monday morning.

So here we are…at an indian casino/gas station/closed down race track  in the Hollywood Hills of New Mexico.  For any of you that have been to New Mexico, for some reason they named almost all their cities after California cities.  I do not know why states do this, especially ones that are only 2 states away from eachother, but I guess it is really a preface into just how unoriginal humanity really is.

It was over 100 out by 10AM so we knew all we could do is go sit in the casino, throw $1 in the machine, and sit there for hours, milking a dollar for everything it is worth.  Dano is always the first one to find the players club and sign up, he comes running over letting us know he just got $10 in free slot play, so we go over and do the same.  $10 in a casino if you are trying to conserve will last you all day, its pretty awesome, free soda, free A/C, free clean bathrooms, what more could we ask for…oh yeah a fucking mobile stage motor that works, maybe an on site auto mechanic?  Buffet $10, fuck it, lets do it, we might as well eat all fucking afternoon.  All I will say about the buffet is good thing they had clean restrooms, we were all hurting for the duration of the day.

I figure its time for me to go to sleep around 10PM, since I have to get up at 7AM to get going on this whole towing thing, the anticipation was killing me not knowing how long we were going to be here, or how much it would cost to get fixed.  Bryan had told us “don’t go to the bar up the street, they will kill you”, we are on an indian reservation, and indians can do whatever the fuck they want to you, if they want to shoot you, they can get away with it.  So I let everyone know the obvious before I pass out, seeing as Wassus had been talking about going to the bar, “allright well be careful, don’t do anything stupid, don’t let ANYONE know or see what we have in here”.  The last thing I need is some drunk indian like the ones on bikes I saw the night before wanting our $40,000 worth of shit that is right inside the door.  While I am sleeping I wake up a couple times hearing some shit coming from the back door, I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep, I know if shit really went down that the framing hammer in my left hand, and the can of RAID and a lighter in my right hand would take care of shit.

So heres apparently what was going down at the back door.  Dano knows me well enough that when I say not to fuck around, to not go fuck around, so I never worry about him.  But seeing as Wassus is new to rolling with us, he decided to pound some beer that was in the cooler and walk down to the bar that was up the road.  He runs into some fucking tweaker bitch in a broken down car.  She is with a couple other bigger indian dudes and they are trying to give him a ride to Colorado.  He lets them know that “hey, we are on our way to Colorado too, were in that mobile stage right over there, its broken down and we can’t drive anywhere”, in other words “come rape me and steal our shit”.  Wassus let them know that he doesn’t want to go to colorado, nor does he have any money to help them out, and starts walking back towards the mobile stage.  Thinking everything was over Wassus is back over behind the stage telling Dano what just happpened.  The crazy bitch with 2 indians comes driving back over in their car, this time armed with hot sauce packets.  She throws hot sauce at Wassus and says “here, maybe this will feed you for a week!” and squeals off towards Colorado.  I heard about all of this the next morning, after lining up a tow truck to come out and pick us up.  We need to get the fuck out of here, Wassus is going to get us fucking jacked with his lack of understanding for just how crazy indians can be, and I am going to get another ulcer worrying about what kind of trouble is going to happen next.

It seemed to take forever for the tow truck to get there, infact a couple other smaller trucks showed up and I let them know its going to take a fucking wrecker to get this thing out of here.  So some time in the afternoon this guy shows up, removes the driveline, hooks us up and gets ready to take off.  He lets us know he can only fit 2 people in the cab, and legally no one can ride in the back becuase he will lose his job and go to jail.  So he tells us to just have dano sit in his bunk really really still.  We lock dano in the back in the 110 degree heat and take off.  It is here that the driver of the tow truck lets us know that he was hit by a car a few years back and lost half his brain.  As he is driving us and all our shit at 70mph down the highway, he was a damn good driver though, but you could tell, you definitely could tell.  We made it to Hodges Automotive in Albuquerque safely where they said they would check our shit out and get back to us in the morning.  One of the guys that works there gave us a ride up to hotel circle, which is where we spent the next 10 days, this is where you can read the other fear and loathing stories.  We got a call the next morning to find out the motor was totally blown up, and that we would be spending 10 days at the Econolodge on Hotel Circle, but hey, at least we would have a new motor when we left right?

Parts List To Build a Mobile Stage

Do you ever want to build your own mobile stage? Well here is the only organization that we utilized in the entire process. A combination of lists of things that we needed from town every time we left the Uhaul hangar. There were no plans drawn out anywhere, just what was in our heads, instead of deleting this I thought we would share it with everyone so you can see what 4 stoners can accomplish with a will, a way, and a deadline

Go thru
Other gen
Lights fog strobe
Backup plug
Protest signs
Cheap shirts
Merch organize bins
I’m here to see hatebreed sign
Secure chain
Build pyro boxes for firecrackers
Merch money box
Merch boxes
Cut off mic stand ends
Pa speaker tiedoens
Screw down wiring channel
Radio shack
Home depot
Patch material
Fog juice
Ext cords
Longer screws
Shorter screws
First aid
Eye bolts
Batt terminals
Batt cleaner
Side mirror for uhaul
Pipe insulation
34 In plywood
Joanna fabrics
Rv window seal
Rv window screws
6 and 3
3 and 10
Order shirts
Wood/fuel lines
Windows 7
Hard drive
Rubber for bottom of speakers
Way to cut rubber
Pipe strapping
2×4 and plywood
Press release
YouTube video

Albuquerque Motor Update

Allright so just got off the phone with the shop working on the blown up motor.  Good news, the new motor is in the frame now, and they are hooking it up.  We should be rolling by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  We will probably be hitting up the Warped Tour in Cincinnati, OH, followed by the LOG/Hatebreed/3IOB show in Cincinnati the next day, then on with the rest of the Mayhem Tour.  Things are looking up, now for 4 more days of sitting in this dark air conditioned hotel room with free internet.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS DONETED MONEY AND/OR HAS SUPPORTED US IN ANY WAY, WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DO THIS WITHOUT YOU, AND EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!!

The Future of DIY Mobile Stages

Allright just to let everyone know that we are always thinking ahead of ourselves.  Imagine that, The Athiarchists have another crazy idea.  We are getting a 24 foot semi truck trailer donated to us by our good friend Crackerbox.  This winter we are going to turn it into another mobile stage that will look similar to the Jagermeister Mobile Stage.  So now your asking yourself why the fuck would we want to build another one when this one isnt really finished yet.  Because all our equipment is bolted down in the Music Adventure Stage, its main design was to allow us to play at the drop of a hat anywhere, and besides other bands playing in front of it using the generator and PA, theyre not actually able to be fully miced up because of feedback issues.   Think of the Music Adventure Stage as our house, we live in it, we play out of it, and it will be that way for a long fucking time.  Our goal by next summer is to have our own music festivals, for donations.  It will be taking the whole pay what you want idea that NIN and Weezer had to the next level, which is live performances.

Aren’t you tired of having to pay service charges, ungodly ticket prices, $10 for a beer, $7 for a water, let alone food, just to see your favorite band play at a music festival full of 20 other bands that you don’t even want to see?  So what we need now is for YOU to find local places where we can put on shows in mobile stages NATIONWIDE.  The biggest issue is the insurance liabilities, but we can get past that.  We are so mobile we can play in the middle of the desert, or forest, or wherever.  We want to come play a show for YOU and your friends, grab a couple local bands to play with us, and lets have a good fucking time.  All we need to cover is some gas, and sell some shirts.  So get ready to pay what you want, because in our eyes, it IS the future.

Honestly the only reason we are doing the Mayhem tour this year is so we can see our friends rage it every day.  When we saw Hatebreed was on Mayhem this year, we knew it was our time.   And it would be a great time to debut this crazy fucking idea of ours.  Hatebreed is one the most down to earth, DIEHARD bands on the circuit right now, and they have supported this idea from DAY 1.  They are absolutley DESTROYING all the main stage bands on a daily basis from the 2nd stage.  On top of this they fully respect what we are doing and understand that we HAVE to do this in order to live.  3 Inches of Blood, Shadows Fall, Chimaira, and Winds of Plague all carry the same attitude, and it blows us away to see just how understanding they are of what were doing.  It is so amazing seeeing how cool all these bands can be, when 60% of the other bands out there just wait for their guarantees and hide in their busses all day.  Your days are numbered “other bands”, you can’t live this detatched lifestyle of hiding from your fans all day and only coming out when the cash is rolling in.  If your not in it for the music get the fuck out!

Everyone is saying “what are you going to do if people copy you and steal your idea”, what I say back to that is that I hope everyone copies our idea, it has been done before, we are not the first ones, I hope everyone goes out and tries to change the way music is performed in an age where venues are closing left and right and it is damn near impossible to go on tour now with no one coming out and paying cover charges.  Bombproof stages is going to be building stages and selling them, renting them, and whatever, but still that will not happen for a few years.  The only thing that scares me is if people get mobile stages, act like douchebags and ruin it for everyone, please don’t do that, there are certain rules we go by, and RESPECT is #1.  So if you have ANY questions on building your own mobile stage, please get ahold of us, we will be happy to share what we know….Which really isnt much.

Advice #1

I would recommend getting started with a couple 2000watt inverter genetators and feel out what playing in parking lots is all about.  When I say inverter genetator I mean it has to produce a pure sine wave, meaning you cant just go grab a Honda contractor 6500 watt generator and plug your $1200 guitar amp into it, even with the most expensive power conditioner you WILL blow your amp up. For $2000 you can find a couple of these on craigslist, and that is your first step to playing wherever the fuck you want to If you think $2000 is a lot, just curb your drinking habit for about 6 months, and put whatever money you would spend on alcohol in a jar, youll have $2000 in no time

More updates on this to come soon, just giving everyone a heads up.  Again thank you to everyone for all the donations, it helps way more than you can even think it would, without a YOU, there is no US!!


A Week Has Gone By…

And were still here in Albuquerque. Granted a week ago we were still stranded on an Indian reservation for another 48 hours. It is like Fear and Loathing in Albueuerque, we are destroying this hotel room, and we refuse to let room service in to clean it up. I wouldn’t really say its an intentional destruction, just put 3 dudes in a hotel room for a week straight and see what happens.

A typical day goes like this. I wake up first, usually around 9:02AM, right after the free continental breakfast, I kick dano(which is on the floor) and say “Dano, bed” because there are only 2 beds in here, and Dano likes to sleep rape people so he just hangs out on the floor, which is cool because he is always the last to pass out, after drinking all the beer and missing the beginning of free hot breakfast at about 5:59AM. At this time is also where I can go to and see just what Dano ended up doing the night before, weather it be going skinny dipping in the closed pool at 4AM, or catching a ride into downtown by someone he just met at the bar that is connected to our hotel. I am on the computer from 9AM to about 6PM, which is when Wassus and Dano usually simultaneously wake up and start off the second half of the day which is swimming and physical activity. They usually talk me into going down to the pool, which is cool with me because it takes care of the shower and laundry part of the day(I just brushed my teeth for the first time on this entire tour 36 hours ago). After pool time is done, Dano and Wassus work on their new Craigslist businesses and I get back to the computer for the duration of the evening. At some point around 10:30 or 11 I will usually pass out from smoking so much Mexican brick weed that my eyelids refuse to open up anymore. Such was the case last night, when I passed out while eating a bag of Cheetohs, still eating the Cheetohs while asleep, while Dano and Wassus continued to rage multiple games of Magic The Gathering against each other. Keep in mind the TV has been on for a week straight, I don’t think any of us really watch it at all, it has been on Cartoon Network for about the last 3 days with the volume muted. The blackout blinds have never been opened, not much light is ever in the room, save a couple lights here and there when we need to actually see something. We met this band down at the bar last night. They’re going to let us play a couple songs on their equipment, and this is awesome because I have not gone this long without playing a show in over 4 years. I feel like I’ve been watching porno for a week straight with no outlet to relieve myself, and I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say that. When we get the Mobile Stage back on Tuesday, I swear we will rage it all the way to Cincinnati, after playing a show for the fine mechanics that are piecing our piece of music equipment back together. People may have thought we turned around and went home, but really………We havent even begun!!!!

Thanks again to everyone for all the donations, we appreciate it more than anything anyone has ever done for us!!!!


Music Adventure Stage Mayhem Videos (AthiarchisTV 40-45)

Music Adventure Mayhem Update 1

Music Adventure Mayhem Update 2

Music Adventure Mayhem Update 3

Music Adventure Mayhem Update 4

Music Adventure Mayhem Update 5

Music Adventure Mayhem Update 6

Music Adventure Stage Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 25, 2010

Crashing the Mayhem tour across America, The Athiarchists make history and pioneer a new era for independent musicians, stepping up the DIY attitude by building a mobile stage they can both live out of and play anywhere, anytime.

“Don’t be another part of the herd!!” -The Athiarchists

Portland, Or – July 24th, 2010
“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, they drove up and before they even stopped the door rolled up, fog started rolling out, the music started and next thing you know there’s a huge moshpit on the sidewalk in the middle of Portland, it was unbelievable!”

This is the kind of excitement The Athiarchists have been generating in response to what they have been calling The Music Adventure Tour. Word has been spreading like wildfire as news of their mobile stage began to circulate in the press, generating 250 hits per hour on their website after all the bands on the Mayhem tour began showing up on stage with The Athiarchists signature shirts and picket signs that proclaim “I support The Athiarchists – Let Them Play!”

The Athiarchists are a two-piece band out of Eugene, Oregon who are known for their explosive controversial lyrics as well as their intense performance and relentless tour schedule, having played nearly 900 shows in the last 4 years. With elements of metal, hardcore, punk and thrash in the mix, their sound defies definition. They have become local legends with the hilariously raw behind the scenes tour footage called Athiarchist TV.

Even more of a buzz got started when they began randomly showing up at major festivals and raging it in the parking lot. Their latest effort, the Mobile Music Adventure Stage is an overhauled 24’ U-haul with a 12,500 watt generator, full PA, stage, lighting, gear storage and sleeping bunks. They have crashed shows previously on the Mayhem, Warped and Jagermeister Music tours, and most recently their third circuit following the 2010 Rockstar Mayhem tour where they have become notorious for shutting down the night with so much energy that huge pits form. The band is unstoppable, spending this week in Albuquerque, NM with a blown engine and $6400 repair tag. Any other band with no tour support would have headed home; instead fans and musicians everywhere began donating money to help them get back on the tour. The band recently announced they will be back causing Mayhem in the parking lots by the July 30th date at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park, IL. They are self produced, marketed, managed, and independently distributed. Look for their album out next month entitled A Verbal Lashing in parking lots EVERYWHERE!

For more information go to

Fear And Loathing in Albuquerque Free Hot Breakfast

My day started off thismorning with Wassus and Dano falling through the hotel room door at about 6:03AM.  “FREE HOT BREAKFAST!” Dano says with a smile on his face as if he had just accomplished some week-long goal of trying to make it to the free continental breakfast.  I’m somewhat still half awake and wanting to sleep more, seeing as I passed out sometime around 3:30 in another mexican brick weed coma, this time eating precooked sausages dipped in Sweet Baby Rays.  As I crawl out of bed and get ready to go take full advantage of this free breakfast wassus yells from the front door “DO YOU HAVE POCKETS? GRAB THE VIDEO CAMERA, I WANT TO GET THIS ON VIDEO”.  So reluctantly I grab the video camera(which doesn’t even fit in my pocket so im carrying it), right about that time before Wassus is finished talking, he trips on the threshold of the door and faceplants on the carpet, I return with “maybe that will fucking calm you down a bit FIRECRACKER…Im not sure if I want to go down there with you guys, you’re pretty fucking amped up for 6 in the morning” they are still dripping with pool water, pool water from a pool that is closed from the hours of 10PM to 10AM, and the last thing I want is to piss off the weird motherfuckers that run this hotel down at the front desk, since we are getting such a good deal, and they are accepting our shipment of 6 cases of cocaine tomorrow, but then again, this type of shit happens every night, so lets go make some waffles and eat egg saucers.

We get down to the free breakfast room, which is conveniently right underneath our room, there is an elderly couple, and some dude driving around carnival equipment.  The dude driving around carnival equipment is having troubles with the waffle maker, so Dano steps in and lets him know that you need to spray PAM on that shit or it doesnt work out(dude wonders why Dano knows so much, and we let them know that we have been here for over a week, attacking the free hot breakfast any chance we can get).  We fill everyone in with the blown up motor story and what we are doing with our mobile stage.  Right about this time this other dude(I call this one other dude because he looks like he just got done following The Dead around for about the last 20 years, not even knowing Jerry Garcia is actually dead, complete with look alike girlfriend all ragged wearing some cut off jean shorts similar to the kind you would paint a house with.)  They have this story about how they were locked in the hills of Albuquerque for 2 weeks trimming weed, and the person who they were working for would not let them leave, would feed them every 2 days, and bring them cigarettes every 5 days.  He states “I have been through some fucked up shit, I followed The Dead around for 18 days once(hey I was right), and nothing compares to what we just went through, NEVER go to the hills of Albuquerque”.  About this time I’m thinking that ill take that one to heart, as if just last night I had some shady tweaker hillbilly offer me a ride to the hills of Albuquerque to trim weed for cash.

(This is also after last night I came to the conclusion that no matter where we are at, Dano gets free drinks, weather we are playing or not.  No shit, we sat at this table watching this cover band that played everything from Creed to Slayer, and over the course of about 2 hours, the bartender brought dano 5 beers and a mixed drink.  Here is where if some shady tweaker hillbilly had come in and asked Dano to trim weed in the hills of Albuquerque, I’m fairly convinced we would have lost him, at least for a few days….but he never misses bus call so I’m not worried.)

We return to the room after a crazy fucking time at free hot breakfast and Dano makes a great point.  “That dude and his girlfriend werent trapped in the hills of Albuquerque, they were frying on ACID!”.  Everything started to make sense now, there were no hills of Albuquerque, there was no weed trimming going on, these 2 people were still frying on ACID from years ago when they followed The Dead around for 18 days.  Also they werent even staying at this hotel, they live in Albuquerque….PARTY.  Ohhhh what it must be like to be 21 again, only these people were probalby 35.

I passed out for another 4 hours upon returning to the room.  I passed out while Dano and Wassus ask me the question of where we will be next.  Thinking they are going to do some sort of early morning promotion or something for these upcoming shows I tell them we will be in Cincinnati, OH next.  Already on their phones, they start finding new customers for their new Craigslist businesses….It figures, theyre always thinking about themselves.  I honestly see no benefit in these Craigslist businesses, but hey, any port in a storm right?  Im scared, we need to get the fuck out of here, I’m afraid one of these mornings I will wake up and go to find dano to say “Dano, bed” and there will be no Dano, or Wassus.  They don’t have tracking devices on them, and what good is a cel phone with a dead battery.  The spider is going to catch himself a fly, and I will be forced to locate them in the basement of some pawn shop down on Center St shortly before them getting ass-raped by some hermaphrodite with a leather facemask on.

Its about 12PM now, and I am on the computer doing what I do every day, since there are no videos to edit today I decided to write another Hunter S Thompson style reflection on the cabin fever that has started to take hold in our new home, room 261.  3 more days to go, I don’t even need to wait to finish the rest of the story for today, heres how it will go down:  Dano and Wassus will wake up promptly at 6PM, they will go down to the pool and I will probably go with them, this is where I will find out about what REALLY happened last night, I’ll laugh my ass off, be thankful that they are alright, I’ll fill them in on everything thats been happening in mobile stage world, and what time the interviews will be taking place today, Dano and Wassus will take off to get cigarettes and magic cards, when they return I will be taking a nap, Ill wake up and maybe Dano will talk me in to going down to Malarkeys, or I’ll sit in the room making freezer microwave food, seeing what kind of combinations I can make up that will discolor my stool in so many different ways.

Once again this has been Aaron, checking in, and checking out at the same time

Keep your head up, shit will get better soon!  Were out of mexican brick weed again

Proving something to yourself is almost harder than doing something yourself

10 days at an Econolodge full of pimps prostitutes crazy hippies and homeless old people will really motivate you to get the fuck out of a place.  As soon as we were returned to our ride we pulled up to the hotel, opened up the door, and played them some E=MC2, it felt so fucking good to play again!  We have been cut off from our release for 10 days, were all about to fucking explode, and were all ready to get caught back up with this tour.  Everything happens for a reason right?  Well if this hadn’t happened, we would have never gotten ahold of the person in charge of the Mayhem tour to get permission to play in the parking lots.  I can’t really get into how it all happened at this time, because it would take hours to explain, but we left Albuquerque on a mission to meet Kevin, the guy in charge of it all at a Warped tour in Cincinnati, OH the next next morning, yeah next next morning, 36 hours away, 1500 miles….A long fucking drive.

A half hour out of town after playing “long way to go and a short time to get there” about 15 times because it is a 2 minute long song, we go to start back up at a truck stop and nothing happened, the starter is not working.  We call up Jack, the guy that owns the shop that just worked on it.  He shows up in 12 minutes like a sprint car mechanic would, fixes our shit in a matter of minutes, slaps us in the ass and sends us on our way.  We can not thank him and his shop enough for all the hard work they put in to fix us up, I mean your dealing with something that is duct taped and zip tied together, so you have to give them credit for that.

Flying across the desert at 55 mph, into Texas we go, where we meet our longtime twitter friend Courtney(printgirl) in Amarillo.  Were there for an hour and I’m watching the clock count down, were running out of time to meet up with Kevin before bus call tomorrow, lets get a move on.  Then up into Oklahoma where we reach our first road block, some fucking Oklahoma state trooper decides hes going to pull me over at a turnpike pay station for “not using my blinker”, which I ALWAYS use my blinker.  First words out of his mouth are “get the fuck out and get in my car”.  So I go get in his car, there are two drug dog’s in the back, and a sniper rifle in between the front seats, he lets me know that he pulled me over for not using my blinker, and I can not even argue with it becuase its his word vs mine.  Also I know if I argue with him that it will only take time off of the little bit of time we have to make it to Cincinnati and meet with Kevin.  He makes me take my sunglasses off because “I can’t even tell where your looking, your looking all over the place”, no shit OFFICER FUCKFACE, I’m looking around at all the shit you have in here, I’ve never been inside a police car before, I actually follow all posted speed limit signs and have a clean driving record, your treating me like you just arrested some sort of terrorist.  He asks me what the fuck we are doing in his state, I let him know we are just traveling through to go to the Warped Tour, he asks me what the Warped Tour is, I tell him it is a music festival, he asks me what is in the van, I tell him it’s a mobile stage, he asks me if he can see inside it, I say “NOPE”, he quickly realizes that I am not stoned, nor do I have any weed on me, so he lets me go, a half hour later.  He really was pulling us over for “being from Oregon”, it is fucking bullshit that they can do this and get away with it, but they see the Oregon plates and automatically think we have weed.  Mark my words, if I ever see this officer anywhere else besides from the inside of his 2014 Chevy 4runner complete with leather and any other ammenity you can think of, I will BLOW HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF WITH A GUN THAT I DON’T HAVE, I will watch his family be sad that their father is dead with a smile on my face, this motherfucker is the reason the system is so fucked up, he had no reason to pull me over, he had no reason to make me feel like a criminal for 30 minutes, he had no reason to take 30 minutes out of my life, I am so tired of police fucking with us just because we are from Oregon, yeah I am from a different state, I am from Oregon, whats your fucking problem?  Can’t you just be happy that we supply all of the nations grass seed, the same grass you have growing in your front yard fuckface.

Alright sorry about the last paragraph, still just kind of a sensitive subject.  So we cruise on down the turnpike and what happens next, of course the check engine light comes on and we start to lose power(which happened to be a fuel pump problem that we fixed in North Carolina).  Fuck life, so I pull off at the next turnpike rest area.  For those of you unfamiliar with turnpikes they have these rest area/gas stations on them so you don’t have to pay to exit the freeway.  Shit cools down a bit and we take off, exit the turnpike finally, then re enter another turn pike, were running out of change!  Check engine comes on again at the very beginning of the next turn pike, 20 miles to the next exit, so I limp it up to the next exit and make the decision that between the police incident and these couple stops there is no way were making it to Cincinnati.  So I call Kevin up and let him know well be meeting him at the show the next day in Milwaukee, WI.  You know Milwaukee “give us any chance well take it, give us any rule well break it, were gonna make our dreams come true!!”

We hung out at the most busy McDonalds weve ever seen, at a turnpike rest area.  After waiting a couple hours we decide to push it to Milwaukee, I still haven’t slept, but I am not tired, I am on a fucking mission.  About 10 miles north of St. Louis we stop at a truck stop and I look like a tweaker that has been up for days, I have sunburns under my eyes, I have huge bags under my eyes, I don’t look like I should be driving anywhere.  As I am buying some headphones in line at the check out, this Illinois state trooper turns around and looks me square in the eyes, he gives me that look like “you better not be fucking driving anywhere”, I respond to him with the look of “yeah….I’m going to sleep for a couple hours”.  So I find Dano and Wassus and let them know that I’m going to catch a few hours of sleep, were a little ahead of schedule now, and it would be for the best.  They wholeheartedly agree and I go sleep for 3 hours until 2 in the morning.  I hop behind that wheel at 2 and put the hammer down.  Everyone wakes up when we near Chicago, which is where we sat in the shittyest turnpike traffic of the whole tour.

We hit Wisconsin sometime around 11AM, pulled into the middle of the parking lot in between about 30 to 40 tour busses.  We met up with Kevin, who happens to be one of the coolest people we have ever met.  He handed us some passes to watch the show and took some pictures of the stage to send to John, the guy that runs Mayhem, who also, just like Kevin, is one of the coolest people we have ever met.  Went in and watched Suicide Silence, then I passed out for the rest of the day, 36 hours straight is a long time to go with a 3 hour nap, it was fucking stupid, but what needs to be done gets done with us, and we did it.   At this point in the tour we were so fucking ready to get back to Mayhem and see all our friends, they were wondering where the fuck we went, because it is pretty hard to relay the message to 100 people that never really get on the internet, we just dissappeared after Albuquerque, they thought we went home.

We arrived at Tinley Park, Il at 2AM, I parked right to the side of the front entrance and passed out for an hour at a time, setting my alarm every time, as I didn’t want to be in anyones way on our first legitimate Mayhem tour ever.  Busses keep driving by asking me if we know where to get in, no one really knew where to enter, so Dano wakes up and decided to walk in and see what was going on.  4 minutes later here he comes riding on the back of John’s scooter, John is who we needed to meet up with anyway so it was like killing 2 birds with one stone.  We rolled around to the other side and parked right in front of the line, and let security know that “we have permission to do this”.

It has been 4 years of doing this without permission, and we are getting ready to rage it for the first time, with permission.  To those of you out there that think this shit was easy, or that we took some sort of hand out, fuck off.  This was 4 fucking years of dedication to what we are doing, of meeting people and respecting people.  Of lying to security guards, of almost being arrested, it is not for the weak hearted, and if the first thought in your head about what we are doing is negative or that you are looking for some reason for why we did it and you couldnt ever do it, you will never make it anywhere, you are a fucking pussy, and if you want to talk shit, or moreoff prank call my cellular phone every day acting like high school kids telling me that “The Athiarchists are gay, lets shave our heads and write shitty music”, keep doing what you are doing, because we are doing what so many told us couldn’t be done, all it takes is a will and a way, thats Dano’s quote.

Here We Go Again…

I sit here behind and empty blog post screen on a very un-updated website in the most expensive smallest low end hotel I’ve ever stayed at in my life.  My body feels like I’ve been playing multiple times a day in hot hot hot humid parking lots and driving all night in the most unreliable vehicle anyone could dream of driving, the stress level is so high that it is virtually unmanageable, almost 5000 miles down looking at potentially another 10,000 in front of us.  Chances are we will be adding more time onto this tour and playing in the Ozzfest parking lots, which will land us back on the Northeast Coast a few weeks later following up with the most insane surreal East Coast tour any band could ever dream of doing.  Yes, I’m talking about DEDICATION, what we are doing here is not for the weak hearted, it is not for financial gain, or to gain new fans.  Infact, I could not even put my finger on why we are doing this, but I can put my whole fucking hand on it, because there is no way a finger can hold down what is going on right now.  Shit is out of control, and every day is different and crazier than the last.

I will individually go through and finish the story between Albuquerque and Virginia Beach, but until then I’ll give you all a run down on how an average day has been going for us on this Music Adventure.  It is a lot different than it was at the beginning of the tour, when the only bands we knew were Hatebreed and 3 Inches of Blood, and we did not know for sure if we were going to be fined/arrested/escorted out.  Having laminates and being a part of this tour has taken out all the stress of that, which is both a positive and negative thing.  For those of you who have seen us live know that adrenaline is prevelant in our live set, so now that we have lost the adrenaline of breaking the law, we can pour even more into our live set, combine that with 110 degree heat and 95 percent humidity, and every day Dano and I are pushing ourselves to the edge of heat exhaustion every time that door opens.

Our goal is to be at the venue by 10AM, park in the back area where they are getting the Jager and Siverstar Stages set up, we meet up with the head of security and are lined out on exactly where and when we can play throughout the day.  At this point we also say whatsup to everyone and let them know that we made it one more day, which is always relieving becuase they are happy that we made it there safely and without vehicle breakdowns.  Everyone on this tour is like one giant family, everyone looks out for each other, and they all know that what we are driving is duct taped and zip tied together, so every day upon arrival is like making it to the end of the Paris-Dakkar rally, the only thing that is missing is a giant sign that says FINISH LINE!

Then we walk around and see if anyone needs any help, because we don’t have any merch booth to deal with or any signings to do, we have a lot of extra time.  Around 12 we drive around to the front of the pavilion, where the line enters the front doors.  Since lines usually wrap around and go all directions, there are usually 1000 to 2000 people that are actually able to see the front of the stage, and depending on the time usually another 2000 to 3000 people that are able to hear the music, that find out about whats going on up by the front gates via the telephone game(you know that game where the person in front of them tells the person behind them, behind them, behind them, etc…).  Usually we will only play for about a half hour, we have to be done when the doors open, and the line really doesnt start forming until 30 minutes before the doors open.  Seeing and hearing peoples reactions to this is truly amazing, especially when we tell them we are from Eugene, OR and we started following the tour around without permission.  Its like the ultimate dream of any band, and were living it, they all support us and most of the time pay $20 for shirts not wanting any change back, they know what we are doing is fucking crazy, fucking cool, and fucking expensive.  I know this is getting old but THANK YOU to all that support this, you rock!

About 30 minutes after were done raging, which is about when we land from the adrenaline and heat rush that just occured, we drive around back and park by the buses, because that is where our next show will take place later in the day.  By now the first band is done raging, or I guess I should say second band since we are truly the openers, playing before the doors open.  We grab a bunch of flyers and go out in the crowd to let people know about the I love Vagina and Roadrunner tent signings for Jamey and Randy.  In this process we also come across everyone that saw us out front and explain to them the story about the mobile stage, which I never get tired of doing.  By now it is the hottest point in the day Shadows Fall is about to start, so we head over to the back to get some ice cold canned water and maybe lay underneath a semi truck trailer for 5 minutes to try and find a cool, breezy area, before watching our second favorite band on the tour.  Actually at this point I can’t even really say favorites becuse 3 Inches of Blood, Chimaira, Winds of Plague, In This Moment, Areyu, Norma Jean, any and all crew and roadies either working with the bands or running the Jager and Silver Star stages are all at the same point with us, which is the label “family”, we would do anything for all of these people.

Around 7:00PM the parking lot bands are all done and the stages are being folded up.  This is where the Jager and beer comes out and the real partying begins.  This is also where I am so fucking hot and sweaty and trying to stay hydrated that I can not understand how anyone could drink anything but water, but then again I’m not really a drinker anymore.  Everyone is asking us when were going to rage it, and we usually respond with “sometime between Rob Zombie and Korn”.  We actually got in trouble the other night for playing too late, so we are now under the rules that we will not play after Korn is finished, because almost every city has a noise curfew.  Its all good, and we do not care at all, because now that we are kind of a part of this we can not break all the rules anymore.  It is very hard though when bands you grew up listening to are begging you to rage it at 1 in the morning and you know you can’t do it that late.

Even though we told ourselves we would leave before the main stage bands even started most of the days, because the drives are so long and gueling, we are always there until bus call, following the busses down the freeway until I stop at a truck stop and catch 2-3 hours of sleep.  This also gives the van time to cool down and mellow out if it is acting up.  It is essentially an all night drive straight to the venue the next day.  500 miles a day, overnight, to the next show.  I have gotten used to the whole 2-3 hours of sleep a night, I always tell myself I’lll sleep during the day the next day, but there is no way at all that can happen, try sleeping while listening to Chimaira play 50 feet away from where you’re at sometime, you just can’t do it, you have to go out and rage it.

So this covers an average day in the live of The Music Adventure.  We are taking 2 days off of Mayhem because the tour is going up to Michigan and Pennsylvania, then back down to Virginia.  So were getting caught back up on sleep, air condiditoning, internet, as well as getting the van checcked up on.  Also, we are kind of trying to not do the long all night drives on no sleep anymore, next year were going to have a driver/mechanic because it is the safe thing to do.  What do you mean next year?   What is next year?  Ill let you know this, The Music Adventure Stage is a prototype, typical Athiarchists style we are always thinking about the next thing, it’s how we got as far as we have on this, you always have to be thinking about the next thing, while doing your current thing as second nature, can’t wait to get back to Mayhem in Bristow on Sunday, our batteries are going to be recharged and it’s going to RAGE!!!

AthiarchisTV Episode 46, 47, 48

Time for the Real Show to Begin

After being starved from the Mayhem Festival for over a week and a half, we were ready to get back and see our friends rage it.  Hotel rooms get boring, and so do long drives.  We left The Warped Tour in Milwaukee and headed 2 hours south to Tinley Park, IL.  I asked Dano how he thinks all these tour busses get gas, if they go to some special station or something like that.  My question was answered when we rolled into the first truck stop and saw about 35 tour busses getting fuel.  Fueled up and went in to see about taking some truck stop showers, as well as some Arby’s.  The truck stop shower idea was scratched when the lady told me it was $10 a person for a shower, I can get a hotel room for that price, so fuck you, we’ll go another day without showers.  Over at Arby’s some French band was starting some high school shit with the person working behind the counter, it was literally like going to the fast food place by the local high school, where all the kids are stoked to be in moms car and do everything they can to make the workers night miserable.  Like an oasis in the middle of a desert we hear “motherfucking Athiarchists!”  Thinking we didn’t know anyone actually on the Warped Tour this one took us by surprise, as did it to the cooler than life Frenchie frog fucker kids in there thinking we were just some loser band sitting quietly in the corner.  It was our friend that manages MDC, and is tour managing The Casualties for this tour.  We talked for a few minutes about why either one of us was standing in that Wisconsin truck stop, seeing as we both live thousands of miles away, parted ways and headed for Tinley Park.

The drive was way shorter than I thought it was going to be, we arrived at the front door at 2AM.  I decided to set my alarm…..Allright so my blogging is off a little, just realized I covered this shit already.  Oh well the truck stop shit wasn’t in there, and that’s what blogging is all about right?  No rules, just right, so yeah set the alarm for every hour, woke up, tour busses are lost, Dano rolls up on John’s scooter yeah yeah yeah…

Seeing all our friends once again was fucking great!  As soon as we walk in the gate we see people wearing our shirts, raising their horns up saying “I thought you went home!”  We return with “fuck no we didn’t go home, our motor blew up!”  And fill them in on the story.  We TORE SHIT UP for our first legal legitimate Mayhem parking lot show, infact I as well as Dano almost died, It was humid as fuck, hot as fuck, and we had just gone longer than we ever have gone without playing a show, after a week and a half, we were fucking out of shape!  Finishing that set was the most satisfying feeling in the world, we parked and went in to watch the rest of the show.  We still did not have passes yet, so we just walked right in anyway, just like we did every other day.  We sat up in production and played free video games for awhile trying to cool down, then went out and raged it all day long to the bands, again it felt so damn good to be back.  This is where a seed was planted in our head by Jamey about playing Ozzfest, which is still a seed in our minds, hopefully we can pull it off, we would be stoked to rage another festival after Mayhem is done, hopefully the U-Haul holds up.

3 Gun from Hatebreed is sitting there after their set with a BBQ with no top grill to it.  He says they left it behind at the last show, I say hey wait a minute, I have a piece of expanded steel that were not using on the generator that will work perfectly.  I jump the fence to get into the U-Haul, grab this piece of steel, jump back over the fence, take it to 3 Gun and he responds with “that is the most punk rock thing I have ever seen in my life”.  It might be punk rock, but it will make the burgers for you!  Spray a little WD-40 on there and everything will be all good.  It actually worked pretty well after putting some aluminum foil on it.  At this point we found a break in the fence right behind Hatebreed’s bus.  Sol was hitting us up to come back and rage it, we were a little reluctant at first because we don’t want to piss off production on the first day we have permission, but when bands you grew up listening to are begging you to play, you fucking play, it doesn’t matter if you have permission or not.  So after the forklift moved we pulled in the broken part of the fence, and closed it back up.  Everyone was getting HAMMERED DRUNK just like every other night, and we were ready to rage, so right when Korn finished up, we opened the door and started raging it.

By the end of the set, during Reign in Blood, everyone was trying to knock the fence over.  Come to find out later from Mario(liquid metal) the fence kept hitting a portable bathroom, that had someone in it!  HAHA after the fence was stopped from being knocked over, some dude was actually in the portable bathroom taking a shit, comes out with one of those perplexed looks on his face like someone was just trying to knock over the shitter while he was in there.  This did not get captured on video, but is funny as fuck nonetheless.

I tell Dano and Wassus to party until bus call then wake me up when everyone leaves.  Dano wakes me up around 2:30, him and Wassus hop in the back to pass out, and I take off.  As I am pulling out of the parking lot I think I see Jamey running towards the van, yep that is Jamey running towards the van, apparently he thought the busses left at 3, but they left at 2.  So he asks me if he can get a ride and I respond with some sort of Waynes World were not worthy response, of course, get the fuck in, lets get you back to your bus.  His bus was about 30 minutes ahead of us already in Indiana.  So they stop at a Cracker Barrel off exit 3, were there in 30 minutes and everything is back on track, The Athiarchists save the day once again.

Noblesville, IN was a fairly close drive, about 3 to 4 hours away, I mean 6 or 7, I dont know, we showed up sometime around 9AM and it was pouring down rain.  I passed out for a couple hours in an effort to try and get a little something called sleep, something that comes few and far between now days, but fuck sleep, you can sleep when your dead!

Charlotte, NC


This was one my favorites! Everyone that was in line got to check out the show!

Check it Out

Thank you to EVERYONE on this tour for making us feel so welcome!!! Fuel TV

AthiarchisTV 49-54

The Most Massive Update of All Time

So I’m going to start by saying I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing on here much lately. We have been busier than we could have ever imagined. On the last day of Mayhem they asked us if we wanted to do the same with the Uproar Festival starting 2 days later and of course we responded with “fuck yes.” So here we are, in Scranton, PA, in a vehicle that is duct taped and zip tied together, with 250,000 miles on it, having gone 25,000 miles in a little under a month and a half, this shit is AWESOME! So I am going to write in all the dates from where we last left off, giving a little update of how the show went and what happened in between.

MAYHEM Noblesville, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center Sat Jul 31

Its always interesting how Google Maps translates to real life. This drive was supposed to take a few hours, but seemed like it took about 6. We arrived at about 7AM, it was raining and the sun was starting to come up. Wassus and Dano didn’t make it out of the parking lot before passing out. Infact they were not even awake when I dropped Jasta off at the Cracker Barrel. They always tell me the same thing “yeah when I was a kid my parents drove me around to make me sleep, so now I fall asleep whenever someone is driving”, I say “could it have been all the alcohol you consumed before we left? Nah, I’ll go with whatever you say!” I crawled into the back to sleep for an hour and a half before we had to wake up and see what the deal was with where we were going to play.

It was muddy as fuck all over the place, but mud and rain doesn’t stop the tour, and it sure as fuck doesn’t stop the people from raging it. Lightning on the other hand will stop the show, or at least delay it, but we hadn’t seen that happen at this time. We had our morning meeting and were given the location of where we should rage it, and drove around out front, kind of distant from the line at this show, but every day is different, and that is what makes it a MUSIC ADVENTURE. We were right in the middle of the turn around, where cars were dropping people off, and every single car that came around was like WTF?! Security came by and tried to shut us down, mid song I turn around and grabbed these flashy credentials the tour gave us and they quickly turned around understanding that we had permission.

When the raging was finished we pulled back around by the bands to park. We helped Jasta out with some signings for a few hours then I thought I would catch a few more hours of sleep because we had a long drive to Atlanta overnight. No sooner than I closed my eyes the door opened with Dano saying “hey do you want to go to the store and get a cake and some Jameson?” Me being the kind person I am willing to do anything for any band that needs anything reply with “sure thing.” So here I go on a 3 hour mission looking for a birthday cake and some Jameson, only to end up at a Wal Mart that was not on the GPS 3 miles away, that had Cake and Jameson, FUCK LIFE! Upon returning I agreed to help Jamey and Randy with another signing about an hour later. By now I have realized that I am not going to sleep at all…Again….For like the 10th time on this tour, but that is what DEDICATION is, fuck sleep, you get plenty of that when you are dead.

Even knowing that “bus call” was at 11PM Dano was nowhere to be found at 11PM. I watched the last parking lot bus (3IOB) leave the parking lot sitting there thinking to myself “if we don’t leave in the next 30 minutes, we are not going to make the 10 hour drive to Atlanta, GA before doors open(I always allow at least 30 minutes for each fuel stop and another 2 hours for fucked up shit happening). He is cutting into my fucked up shit happening time! Wassus decides to go find him, somehow finds him in the back of the amphitheater and says “AARON IS PISSED”, which seems to be the one thing on this tour that gets everyone to shut the fuck up and get in the van, but hey, whatever works right?

3 and a half hours of flat roads and no problems at all. Then all of a sudden I am on the phone with Brent Terry and he lets me know that there are quite a few hills to climb, no sooner than he said that we hit a hill, the engine bogged down, the check engine light came on, and I pulled off at a rest area. The shadiest sketchiest rest area you could ever imagine. It was like some 1930’s colonial home that actually had some weird amish dude living in it that just stood there. Outside it was 3AM and very dark, I felt like at any moment someone was going to hop out of a bush and rape me. I began to feel worried when Wassus didn’t come out for 15 minutes, and when he did come out he said “wow they had some neat things in there”. Glad you are the adventure type at sketchy rest areas, I on the other hand am not. Back to the freeway.

4 more hours of having to trick the U-haul into thinking it wasn’t on a hill, which isn’t easy. Then the final straw was on the steepest hill of the entire drive close to the Georgia border, right around sunrise the van lost all power, the check engine light was on, it was like we were out of gas, but we had a full tank, so I limped into the next rest area, which was 1 mile ahead luckily. Still thinking that it was a heat related problem, which it wasn’t, I waited another 30 minutes then left again, where it promptly did the same thing again. Refer back to the “fucked up shit happening” time allotment. I’m thinking that it needs to cool down for a couple hours, so I let the two know that are in the hotel that apparently is in the back of the van, that were going to be waiting a couple hours. It feels so fucking good to sleep, and nothing feels worse than waking up to an alarm 2 hours later knowing you have to drive a vehicle that is not really working, FUCK LIFE.

HAMMER FUCKING DOWN! Fuck this goddamn motor, were getting to Atlanta, of all the shows we need to make it to, this one is it because our friends Mobile Deathcamp are opening. Failure is not an option, were getting there, and get there we did. Up hills and down hills then back up hills and down them again, then more hills, 50MPH speed limit, fuck that, were going 70, EAST BOUND AND DOWN!! Rolled into the parking lot shortly after 12PM, 45 minutes before we need to play, thats whats up!

MAYHEM Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre Sun Aug 1

We promptly ran in and let everyone know we made it, at this point everyone was pulling for us to make it to the next show because they knew our vehicle was not running well at all. Nothing feels better than this moment, this is the only stress free moment of my day, when I know we made it, and it only lasts until after we play, when I already have to start worrying about where we are going next, how long it’s going to take, and if we’ll make it there. It was hot as FUCK already and it was not even the hottest part of the day, they don’t call it HOTlanta for no reason at all.

We had a really nice spot right on the asphalt for this show, it fucking raged as always. I think the local radio station was pissed that we were there, like we were stepping on their toes or something but fuck them, if they want to be pissed at a band that showed up 30 minutes before doors, played, then left, then they can cry to themselves, with their shitty car stereo speakers playing top 40 tunes to people that have heard them all before, people were digging what we were doing, I mean we are a fucking taco truck with a PA, how can you hate on that?

The aftershow, oooohhhhhhh the aftershow, this was the start of the 2 day “The Athiarchists getting themselves in trouble tour”. It is just so fucking hard to not open the doors and play, no matter how late it is, when you have every member of all the 2nd and 3rd stage bands saying “COME ON FUCKING OPEN THE DOOR AND PLAY, FUCKING DO IT, WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT THEY THINK”. We actually didn’t get in “trouble” this night, but it did come to bite us in the ass in North Carolina. It was like getting an unwritten warning, these noise complaints are $2.500 a minute and they do not go directly to us, they go THROUGH the festival production and then hit us, so with that being said, here is the first show of “The Athiarchists getting themselves in trouble tour”.

Dano had been throwing back some mean ass cocktails Matt Byrne was making. Who knows what the fuck was in them, I didn’t have any, but Dano sure did! He had enough to puke for 5 minutes straight about half way through our set for the bands, it was AWESOME, Dano hasn’t puked for like 2 years, and they pushed him to puke, way to go! After a short moment of accomplishment we continued raging for another 2 songs then stopped, not knowing we had gotten a silent warning for playing so late at night.

Since we had a day off and the van was not running too well, we stayed in the parking lot overnight. I woke up at 7AM to a clean up worker telling us we needed to bounce. Fair enough, thank you for letting us stay here all night like it was a Wal Mart, because I sure as fuck was not looking forward to staying anywhere else in Atlanta, its a ROUGH fucking city. I received a call from one of our friends working for Harley/Silver Star, he found us a Fleetpride in North Carolina that could help us with our problem, which I had narrowed down to a fuel pump issue after scouring Google for an answer.

We limped our way up to North Carolina, the check engine light came on only a couple times surprisingly, which made me happy. the appointment was for 7:30 the next morning, so we got a hotel, some Hampton Inn shit, it was really expensive but I did not give a fuck, it was time to sleep in a good neighborhood and not worry about our shit being jacked. It was hard waking up at 7:30, even harder than me waking up is waking up Dano and Wassus, because they like staying up really late watching TV, I swear I am buying them both shocking alarm clocks, honestly I have tried waking them up so many times for free hot breakfast, they roll over, mumble some half hostile shit to me, then roll over and sleep more. Usually this doesn’t bother me because its just free hot breakfast, their loss, but we all need to leave now, and actually they did wake up fairly quickly, which surprised me.

$329 and 3 hours later the fuel pump was replaced. I figured I could have done it myself, but it would have cost half as much and taken twice as much time, kind of a trade off I wasn’t willing to take. We rolled up to the venue which was only 2 miles away, fucking convenient as hell, shit seems to be running really well, maybe it was the fuel pump that was the problem?

MAYHEM Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion Raleigh, NC Tue, August 3

At this point there is no real reason to explain the whole show to everyone, seeing as the videos are up and you can watch them for yourself. Every show is a fucking rager, it doesn’t matter who is there or what we are doing, were fucking raging it, so at least to me it gets kind of old to say “the show fucking raged” because they all did. Well the show fucking RAGED! We had a few people jump out of line and mosh. Then another 5000 people stood about 300 yards away in line scratching their heads, wondering what the fuck that taco truck with speakers was doing.

The daily routine is the same, rage it, help bands out with whatever they need, help Jamey and Randy with their signings, get really fucking tired by the end of the night, decide to not sleep at all, then drive to the next show to do it all over again, its what it takes, its what we have to do, it is why we are here.

Tonight is the night “The Athiarchists getting themselves in trouble” tour came to an end, this is the night they finally lined us up with our now good friend head of security, Joe, and told us to talk to him every day to know exactly when and where we can play. It is one step towards The Athiarchists following the rules. We love breaking the rules, but we also love everyone involved with this tour and we do not want to get anyone in trouble.

Around 12:30AM everyone was sauced up enough to say “FUCKING PLAY YOU PUSSIES, COME ON FUCK THEM, FUCKING OPEN THE DOOR AND PLAY, I WANT MY FRIENDS TO SEE!!” Allright allright, hey Dano lets rage it….FUCKING A! The door opens and we tear shit up for about 3 minutes and 26 seconds, in the middle of the second song Joe comes up and tells us we need to stop, so we did, we respect all security involved with this tour. 2 minutes later after the door was closed the police rolled by, then they rolled by again, then more rolled by. I think they half way expected a band to be set up in the parking lot, good thing we have a mobile stage that can disappear like it was never there 10 seconds after the music is done. Even with all this, after I passed out 20 minutes later, it didn’t stop Dano from allowing Jason Bitner to give him a private drum lesson, which was promptly stopped by our good buddy Sol about 6 minutes into it. Damn we sure know how to get in trouble!

Bus call 3AM, were out of here following Hatebreed’s bus, time to see how the van is going to run with a new fuel pump. Little did I know Virginia Beach is at sea level and somehow it is uphill the ENTIRE way. No shit, it was uphill from the time we hit the freeway until we reached Virginia Beach, the check engine light was glowing brightly but the motor was running well, IT WAS the fuel pump, fucking A it feels great to get something right. We pulled into a gas station about 3 hours up the road. Chimaira was there fueling up, and also switching around what the sign had to say, I don’t remember what it said, but it said something funny as fuck, and they changed the price on a carton of cigarettes to $7.45, I don’t know why that shit is funny, but I’m telling this story so it is!! I let them know we were going to pass out for a few hours since we were ahead of schedule and I was getting tired.

Woke up to my favorite thing in the world 2 hours later, the alarm on my phone, I fucking love that thing right! Finished the drive to Virginia Beach, called up Joe to line everything out for us and let us know what the noise curfews were. This is were we found out we were almost kicked off the tour because of what we did the night before. But everyone involved with the tour supported us and decided to give us another chance, and we thank you all for this!

MAYHEM Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater Wed, August 4

The show RAGED!!! Haha, well actually it did, and was was unique about this one is the Virginia Beach PD showed up half way through “fuck” and shut us down, they would not let us keep playing even with credentials. Talk about too many cowboys and not enough Indians, or however that one goes. We had to wait for them to contact the tour, and obviously they said it was alright. By now Wassus had everyone chanting “let them play, let them play” and the cops amazingly enough were really cool to us and let us keep playing. We threw out a bunch of free shit and had quite a few people jump out of line to get it.

(Insert typical Athiarchists day here)

Alright so we actually have permission to play tonight until 10:30, so around 10:00 during Korn’s set we raged it up. We played for about 30 minutes then stopped, and did our normal thing. Tonight is where we found out just how loud 10,000 watts of power coming through Cerwin Vega speakers in a parking really is. A few members of Norma Jean rolled up from a KFC that was 2 miles up the road and said they could hear us playing Slayer over the top of Korn on the main stage…FUCK YEAH!

We decided to skip the next two days in MI and PA because the drives were really long, and the van was not running well, so we spent the night in a Wal Mart parking lot after experiencing the truly epic Silverstar aftershow party and hula hooping with Rita on the video camera, good times with good friends and good people, see you in a few days!!

The next night we thought we would stay at a hotel in VA beach which was the wrong idea. It was expensive and it was a shitty hotel, we got out of there the next day and headed to Bristow. We went through the Chesapeake Bay underwater tunnel which was sketchy in itself being in the same type of vehicle that blew up the Oklahoma Federal Building, that doesn’t run well. I thought for sure we were either going to break down in the tunnel, or they were going to search our shit. Neither of those things happened, and we made it to Bristow ready to rage the next day!

MAYHEM Bristow, VA Jiffy Lube Live Sun, August 8

These amphitheaters are really fucking good at hiding, and our GPS is really good at getting us lost. I swear you will be driving along wondering where the fuck this place is because the GPS said it was a mile ago, then all of a sudden you see cones and thousands of people, its fucking crazy!

This time the security was not letting us park up front, once again, too many cowboys not enough Indians or whatever that saying is. We have permission to do this, we just talked to head of security, but we’ll wait anyway, because we follow the RULES! Once we were given clearance it was ON! We have learned that if you give away a few cases of energy drinks at the beginning of the set, it gets everyone riled up, throw out a few shirts half way through and the diehards love it, then at the end some free CD’s, and people tip like crazy, then buy shit afterwords, this was THE most successful parking lot thus far…It was a FUCKING RAGER! HAHA.

Alright enough updates for one entry here, I’m going to get burnt out and start writing poorly, then I’ll have all sorts of assholes telling me I wrote shit wrong, plus I need to get back to the video editing, maybe sleeping, I don’t know, but all I know is we are on an epic fucking adventure, we are in Scranton PA, and Dano just showed up with 3 cases of beer that he apparently had to hide in a sweatshirt because we are in Amish country and it’s illegal to posses more than one case of beer, bring on the adventure!!

HATEBREED Myrtle Beach, SC HOB Mon, August 9

MAYHEM Tampa, FL Ford Amphitheatre Tue, August 10

MAYHEM West Palm Beach, FL Cruzan Amphitheater Wed, August 11

MAYHEM Dallas, TX Center Fri, August 13

MAYHEM Oklahoma City, OK Zoo Amphitheatre Sat, August 14

Kansas City, KS Uproar Festival at Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone Wed, August 18

Omaha, NE Uproar Festival at WestFair Amphitheatre Fri, August 20

Chicago, IL Uproar Festival at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Sat, August 21

Buffalo, NY Uproar Fest at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center Sun, August 22

Columbus, OH Uproar Festival at LC Outdoor Amphitheatre Tue, August 24

The Most Massive Update of all Time (part 2)

HATEBREED Myrtle Beach, SC HOB Mon, August 9

Wake me up when the buses leave, I’m going to get a few hours of sleep before heading to the Hatebreed off date show in South Carolina. So there we were, in the middle of an empty parking lot with garbage all over the place. One that would have walked up could have never guessed the amount of raging that occurred earlier in the day. We followed the Dimebag bus out of the lot and headed our separate ways. We were headed to Myrtle Beach SC to the Hatebreed/3IOB/LOG off date show at The House of Blues. Here is where our GPS tried killing us once again. That fucking Garmin cunt always seems to send us the most un-reasonable way. I swear I spend hours upon hours trying to figure out the most reasonable route to go and that bitch always pulls a fast one on me. Here we are 5 hours into the drive taking some 2 lane road across the middle of nowhere. As I am doing this I realize it is the wrong route, it is why I always have a bit of a confidence booster when the tour buses pass us.

We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC after taking 2 hours longer than it was supposed to, passed about 10 mini golf courses, and there it is, HOB Myrtle Beach. A cool looking venue to say the least, and inside it was even cooler. Its a rebuilt barn looking like something out of the 1920’s on the outside, and totally renovated on the inside. Our good buddy Sol took us over to the alligator farm next door, where you get in free with tour credentials. He took us on the entire tour and showed us some really amazing shit. Then on our way out he knew one of the people working there and talked them into letting us hold an alligator, which was a pretty epic experience. Back over to the venue we went, it was hot as fuck, and I needed to sleep, but it was too hot to sleep, so fuck sleep, lets get to the next venue, which is an absolute all night drive to Tampa Florida, BRING IT ON!

We stopped to get gas at a random gas station on the side of the small highway connecting us back to the main interstate. Typical Athiarchists fashion, the only dude working there gave us weed for a DVD, what are the chances of that happening? On down the road we go, damn I’m getting tired. Honestly the hardest part of the drive was once the sun came up and we were 45 minutes away. I swear that last 45 minutes felt like 4 and a half hours, I can not wait to get to the venue, sleep for 4 hours, wake up and rage it for the doors, then go back to sleep for the rest of the day, I was fucking SHOT!

Upon arrival at the venue word is that the Shadows Fall/Winds of Plague bus broke down, everyone I come across is saying that we should play the Jager stage, I wholeheartedly agree, but at the same time am not getting my hopes up because I do not want to be all excited about something that isn’t going to happen. By the time I make it over to Dave at the Jager stage sound booth he is already on the radio with upper management. First words out of his mouth are “so if they say its alright do you want to play the Jager stage today” I reply with “HELL YES”, he laughs and no sooner than he can respond to me a voice comes over the radio saying its a go. At this point after being awake for about the last 4 days with an average of 2 hours of sleep a day, not really eating any food, shaking from excitement as well as from being awake for so long with no sleep, there is a shred of excitement/adrenaline that builds and builds over the course of about 15 seconds that makes me feel like I slept 8 hours last night. I RUN over to the van, open the door, wake up Dano and Wassus to the news, they’re stoked, and I start unbolting all of my shit.

MAYHEM Tampa, FL Ford Amphitheatre Tue, August 10

Now the big joke on the tour is “you guys are no longer underground, your mainstream!” Haha that shit is funny as fuck, it was great, it was perfect. Think about what we have done, we started this tour with no permission on a homebuilt mobile stage breaking all the rules, then they give us permission but tell us when and where we can play, now we are playing the fucking Jager stage? The same fucking stage as Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Chimaira…I mean what the fuck, this is a true fucking story of dedication and not taking no for an answer, this is like the most epic shit that has happened in our entire lives, it does not get any better than this, granted we are still just as happy playing in the parking lot, but playing on the actual Jager stage, and EVERYONE around us on this tour supported us, they were all so stoked that we were stepping up and doing this because a tour bus broke down, and they all know we deserved it because they saw the amount of dedication we put into all of this, driving all night staying up all day to play for free in front of whoever was there to see us, for free.

Since all of Dano’s drums are bolted to the floor, it made more sense to play on the Jager band’s equipment, and thankfully they were more than happy to let him rage their kit, that is until we were finished but I’ll get to that in another paragraph. My equipment on the other hand I think was pissed that I took it out of the mobile stage because NONE of it decided to work. I have so many back up plans and different ways to wire shit that Dave gave me the nickname “the nutty professor”. All of our shit is duct taped and zip tied together, so with everything fucking up, I made the executive decision to not have bass going through the PA, so here I am, playing in front of more people than I have ever seen in my life, show number 1015, through just one guitar amp on a 4 string guitar, THAT is what it is all about!

Here we go, 7,000 people standing out there ready to rage, we walk up to our shit, I flip my amp on and…It starts pouring down rain harder than I have ever seen it rain in my life, and were from Oregon! Hell motherfucking yeah is all I can say, this shit is going to be like Woodstock! All of the gear on the stage gets covered up by tarps and the rain is showing no signs of stopping. By the time we hit the first note a fucking brutal mosh pit breaks out and we were raging it harder than we ever have, in front of more people than we have ever played for, while it was raining harder than we have ever seen, on the least amount of sleep I have ever played a show on, with Dano on someone elses drumkit…Does it get any more hardcore than that?

For some fucking reason the microphone was not shocking me, well I guess there is a reason, and that is that the Jager stage crew is one of the best in the fucking world, they have that thing sounding and operating better than any stage we have ever been on, including The Music Adventure Stage. I was fucking stoked that I was not being electrocuted while standing in 6 inches of water, maybe I was just lucky? The only time I was actually shocked was when I went to unplug my amp at the end of the set, which despite being covered with a tarp was totally soaked, but I did not give a FUCK!

We loaded all the shit back up in the U-Haul and went back out to watch the other bands. The response from everyone was AMAZING, they were saying shit like “you guys really fill in all the sound good for being a two piece” which shocked the fuck out of me because I was not even playing with 1/3 of my total guitar/bass sound, I swear Dave is a fucking magician behind that sound board. It had stopped raining by now, it was a crazy day, every time the Jager stage was going it was pouring down rain, and every time the Silverstar stage was going it was sunny, I guess that is Florida for you!

Alright the sun is down and it is now cool enough for me to sleep, so sleep I am going to do. Dano was in some sort of party mode, had made a deal with all the other bands to go and get beer. So I woke up a couple times during my 3 hour sleep, the first time was so Silent Civilian could check out the stage and the next time was so Six Feet Under could check it out, both very good reasons to wake up and give a tour, I love both those bands! The drive wasn’t too bad to West Palm Beach so I was cool with not getting much sleep. Honestly at this point 2 hours of sleep is all I need, any more sleep and I get tired.

Bus call lets rally! 3 hour drive tonight and I am stoked, the wheels are turning in my head, the drive felt like it took about 10 minutes. I decided to finish off the drive with way too much shitty McDonalds from a truck stop, one bad decision I have made way too many times on this tour. Believe it or not even the main stage bands most of the time shit in the same portable shitters you see all over the place.

MAYHEM West Palm Beach, FL Cruzan Amphitheater Wed, August 11

“Morning Jack, hows it going?”

“You guys want to play the Jager stage again?”


As quickly as that happened I had the taco truck pulled around and was unbolting shit again, hoping my Mesa was going to hold together today seeing as it still had standing water on it from the day before. Once again Dano is going to rage it on the Jager band’s drumkit, which we are thankful for. No bass again today, my Sansamp has a ground loop in it that sounds really bad through 80,000 watts of PA, I’m cool with that, I’m the fucking nutty professor! Time to rage it, turn on your amps, start your engines! Fuck! My amp is not working, one of the 9 tubes in the fucking piece of shit that sounds really fucking good was fucked up so Wassus ran out to grab my 6505. Here I am nutty professoring out while about 5,000 people sit there watching me give them a lesson on how to fix a blown up amp head. As soon as I was able to wiggle around cords and make that amp send distortion out of the speaker we started raging it.

No rain today which was fucking awesome, while at the same time worse for the fact that it was hot as a whore in church(Dano’s line), or I think that is how you say it. It is so fucking hard not to push it past the point of heat exhaustion when you have Hatebreed and crew standing stage left, Chimaira and crew standing stage right, all of your good friends running the Jager stage, and a bunch of people that you have never met before but are showing you one of the biggest circle pits of your music career standing in front of you. On top of all this since there were 2 bands missing they gave us almost a 40 minute set, needless to say we fucking RAGED it like we have never RAGED it before!

Wow, I just moved on to Dallas and almost forgot about the 36 hour drive we had to do right after the show, there was some tropical storm so we decided to not take the coast and go through Atlanta, go ahead, map out the drive, it is 36 fucking hours in a U-haul going 55 stopping to get gas every 150 miles, kind of ironic that as I am writing this we skipped the Florida Uproar date which is today to avoid essentially the same 36 hour drive on this tour. The van was overheating at one point just outside Atlanta so we had to stop for a couple hours and wait for the sun to go down, once again they don’t call it HOTlanta for nothin!

Westbound and down out of Georgia to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana. I hit the fucking wall about 2 1/2 hours out of Dallas, there was no way I was finishing this drive, and this was after stopping at a rest area in Louisiana to sleep for an hour in the front seat of the van, because I knew if I crawled in the back I would not wake up in time. Like I could sleep at all, it was 3 in the morning, and about 120 degrees with 3000 percent humidity. Next truck stop I saw I woke Dano up and let him know it was time for him to drive, it has been flat for a long time now, you should have no hills to worry about. No fucking shit as soon as he hit the freeway it was hills all the way to Dallas, have fun, I’m going to go get the best 2 1/2 hours of sleep I have ever had in my life. Goddamn it felt so good to sleep, and it also felt good to know that we were going to make it to Dallas on time.

MAYHEM Dallas, TX Center Fri, August 13

We arrived about 30 minutes before we needed to play in the parking lot. Shadows Fall and WOP got their bus fixed and made it to the show, which was fucking awesome because we missed them! I guess some bands out there would be pissed they didn’t get to play on the Jager stage another day, but honestly for us, playing in the parking lot is just as awesome as the Jager stage, or the main stage for that matter.

We played in the parking lot and it fucking RAGED! Haha again that shit gets old but that’s exactly how it went. My amp is not working for shit at this point after the rain incident and another Jager stage show. Like I said that Mesa gets pissed when you take it out of the mobile stage so it was not working at all, and my 6505 is kind of on its last leg, but if anything was proven in the last two days, it is that it does not matter what you are playing on, as long as you RAGE it, you will be raging it!

So I am standing there watching Shadows Fall rage it up from stage left. Our friend Andy working on the tour rolls up on his scooter, I walk down to see what he wants, and I know it has to be something somewhat important and amazing because Andy always has important and amazing shit to tell us. “You guys want to do this same thing on the Uproar Festival”. … . … . Alright those last two sentences were blank for a reason, because that was my response, it was half shock, and half hmmmmm. I mean here we are 3000 miles away from the U-Haul hangar, the motor on it is running like shit, my amps are not working, Dano’s drums are falling over, but that is why we are here right? There was no need to even think about yes or no, it was a definite YES while at the same time thinking “but how in the fuck are we going to pull it off”.

I go find Dano and tell him the news, he is stoked, then off to tell Wassus. Wassus has to be back to work in a week, so unfortunately he had to leave on a train in Chicago. At first though he was hoping to ride it out and not get fired from his job, but unfortunately that was not the case, apparently his boss did not understand he was on a Music Adventure! Wassus says “I want to go ride the ferris wheel”, we were like “but Wassus, the fair is closed, you can’t ride it, its not turned on”, he went over there anyway and hung out in one of the chairs for about 8 1/2 minutes, silly Wassus.

Last night on the tour for quite a few people so there were a lot of goodbyes going on. We missed our window to play later at night, which was alright with me given the fact that I was basically a walking zombie at this point. Read back through this update if you don’t remember, add up the hours, I think in 5 days I slept a total of 7 hours or something like that, an accomplishment I am truly proud of! On the other hand this was not alright with the 50 people in bands standing there getting hammered fucking drunk, “fucking play, fucking play you pussies, whats the worst that could happen?” Once again refer to the chapter of “The Athiarchists getting themselves in trouble” $2500 a minute, sorry!!

MAYHEM Oklahoma City, OK Zoo Amphitheatre Sat, August 14

We were warned about this venue, heard that it was a fucked up mess, infact the Jager stage could not even fit in there so the Jager stage bands were playing on what looked like someones back porch, and the Silverstar stage bands were on the main stage. Also, there was a $2,500 fine if you said a “curse word” while on stage. We were not even able to play at all, which was fine because it was right on the way to the first Uproar date in Kansas City, KS.

We had to park a mile and a half away from the venue, like I said there was no parking for anything in the venue at all. We were basically on the other side of the Zoo, the Zoo that the Zoo Amphitheater is at, I guess that is why they had the cuss word fine shit going on. That did however not stop Rob Zombie from racking up a $145,000 tab by the end of his set, apparently there was some drama going on and he decided he had the money so fuck it. MOTHERFUCKER MOTHERFUCKER MOTHERFUCKER MOTHERFUCKER, he was adding in cuss words where he didn’t even say them in his set, it was like something I would do, if I had $145,000.

The show fucking RAGED! Haha even though we didn’t play it was the last show so it was a sad day all the way around, it’s hard to say goodbye to 250 people and make sure you see everyone, but that is how it goes out here on the road, you can be best friends with someone and only see them 4 times in 5 years, its the understanding of the musician, this whole tour was like one huge family, and one family that will never all be together in the same place like that ever again because no 2 tours are exactly the same. I would say the closest you will ever get to having all those people in the same place would be the NAMM show in January, which is going to RAGE this year.

Wow so there it is, I just realized it, were on to the Uproar updates now, The Music Adventure continues but as far as this story goes, we have reached the end of part 1 of this story, and honestly the end of why we did this in the first place. We built the Music Adventure Stage to play in the parking lots of the Mayhem Tour, we were told by a lot of people during construction that we were fucking crazy, we were going to get arrested, we were going to be fined, shit wasn’t going to work out, what the fuck are you doing?, you guys are doing what?, and this is why you never take no for an answer, you do what your heart tells you to do. We did not give a fuck if we were arrested, if we played one show, it didn’t matter to us. What also did not matter to us is money, fame, or anything else along those lines, we did this so we could play shows every day multiple times a day. It had its high points, it had its low points, it had its really high points, followed by its really low points, it had even higher points, followed by points so low that we didn’t think we would ever see a high point again, again that is why it is called the Music Adventure, and honestly that name I kind of owe to good friend Todd Evans of Mobile Deathcamp, when we played with them about 8 months ago now I was talking to him about how stoked I was that they were down to play anywhere, in an age where most of the bigger bands we were trying to play with would only play big venues with huge guarantees, he told me this “it’s not a tour, it’s an adventure, and it never ends”. Staying true to those words this tour actually never ended, we finished Mayhem and moved on to Uproar, and who knows what happens next, we found out about Uproar on the last day of Mayhem, so what happens on the last day of Uproar? We will find out September 25th, I just hope we have enough time to fix the Music Adventure Stage, but nothing will stop us from continuing this tour, this adventure, thank you to EVERYONE for all of the support, it means the world to us, without a you there is not a me, or us, and you are not fans of our music or what we do, you are friends, we are all in this together!!!

The Uproar Story

So I did not update this nearly as much for the Uproar Tour. There was a lot more driving, and a lot less time connected to the internet. Also during the days we were running the Hatewear tent so any time we actually had a hotel and internet, I would fall asleep. It is very hard to forget what happened though, especially with all the video that I am going through right now, so check it out, a Music Adventure part II, a spur of the moment 1 1/2 month long tour to bring us back to the West Coast, starting in Perry, OK…Home of the Ditch Witch.

We had 3 days off to drive a couple hundred miles, and we were definitely not spending it in Oklahoma City seeing as it was the only place on the whole entire tour we were pulled over and fucked with for being from Oregon, remember the 36 hour drive to Wisconsin from Albuquerque? About an hour north of OK City is a nice little town called Perry, OK. It has a population of about 200 people, their Wal-Mart resembles a 7-11, but they have a Holiday Inn Express. They are also very proud of the fact that Ditch Witch trenchers are built there, trust me, if I wasn’t so tired, I would have went on a factory tour.

We told ourselves we needed the couple days to get organized, fix broken shit, you know, catch up on things. All we ended up getting out of this 3 day vacation was me with a broken phone and about 72 hours of sleep. I stood up with my phone on my lap, it fell to the asphalt and shattered the screen right as we were leaving the hotel, what a way to start out the new tour, all in a small town where their understanding of an Apple store is that place up the road that sells farm fresh produce.

3 hours up the road to Kansas City, KS, about 2:45 into the drive I pass some white signs on the road that appear to be road construction signs. The signs read “drug inspection ahead” followed by “drug dogs in use”, knowing that we have a “dirty” pipe on board and some grass I start hitting the roof of the van “EAT THE WEED EAT THE WEED, PUT THE PIPE IN THE PEANUT BUTTER”, Dano is drifted away in la la land with his headphones on and has no idea what is happening so Wassus slithers into the back to get ready to eat the weed. Luckily they were busy with about 4 other vehicles and the cop behind me pulled off after a mile, but nonetheless it was a close call, fuck that shit!

Another 5 miles later we pulled off to get some supplies, and find a new phone for me. Come to find out even with the insurance I have it was $300 for a new iPhone 3 which they don’t have, and with a service upgrade it was $300 for a new iPhone 4 which they don’t have. so begins the search for an iPhone 4, and you guessed it, there are none in Kansas. Matter of fact, no one could even tell me where one is, they said I would have to just try calling every store in every city I’m going to, so I decided to put the search on hold as it was a waste of time.

Checked into our hotel around 7PM right by the venue, went over and raged a Waffle House for the first time, it wasn’t bad, definitely better than cold cans of ravioli! We smoked the last bowl of weed and Dano stashed the pipe in some peanut butter, no more carrying weed!

Wed Aug 18, 2010 Kansas City, KS Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone

First day of Uproar for us, we got there early, a little too early, but too early is always better than too late. It was awesome seeing everyone that thought we had left and went home! We knew the demographic was way different for this festival and that people were not going to be as into the heavier shit. We still lined up as usual, quite a distance away from the line. People were glancing over at us like we were some 2 piece band in a mobile stage practicing in the corner, we couldn’t even give our shirts away, we finished up our set and went back over to park…Fuck.

It’s going to be a long fucking month and a half if it is like this every day, we need to find a way to get peoples attention better, we can’t just rip their heads off like we did on Mayhem, we need to find a way to be more…mainstream? No fuck that, we just need to be The Athiarchists, well figure out a way, we have 2 days to figure it out before the next show, lets just meet all the new bands and have a good fucking time!

There is always the ceremonious “Athiarchists during the bands for the bands initial show”. While Disturbed was playing we opened the doors and raged it for Hellyeah, Airbourne, New Medicine, and Hail the Villain. They had no idea what it was, and enjoyed every fucking minute of it. I went to pull out of the parking lot afterwords and a cop alerted me that one of my headlights was out, looks like were staying here all night, I stopped by the Hellyeah production party for a few minutes then went and passed out, those guys know how to fucking BBQ.

I woke up to some noise out on what we call the “back porch”, it is the little ledge on top of the back bumper of the U-haul. I thought it was 4 or 5 in the morning since I still heard people talking. It was 8:30AM and Dano, Wassus, and 3 dudes from Airbourne were sitting in a fucking pile of 4 bottles of Jager, and about 35 beers…PARTY! If this is any indication of what the rest of the tour is going to be like, then it will be just like Mayhem!

I passed out for another hour, woke up, went to Wal-Mart, replaced the light, and headed to Omaha, NE for the next show. At a gas station outside Omaha I called the Apple store and they had an iPhone 4 for me, fuck yeah! I drove 25 miles through the entire city to get it, but man it felt so good having a phone that worked!! We went to check into the same hotel the tour was in at the Doubletree in Downtown Omaha and it was an absolute clusterfuck. Do not ever try to stay downtown when you have a mobile stage, it is just pointless, there is no room to park. We went back over to Council Bluffs, IA and stayed at the same hotel as the Jager Stage, there was plenty of room to park, and good friends to hang out with, the hotel was also $127 cheaper as well.

Fri Aug 20, 2010 Omaha, NE WestFair Amphitheatre

So this show was actually not in Omaha, NE, it was in Council Bluffs, IA, the same place we stayed at. The website had the wrong address on it so we drove from Council Bluffs, into downtown Omaha at rush hour morning traffic, only to find out we had to go back to Council Bluffs, then another 5 miles northeast to the venue…An interesting drive to say the least.

I have heard a lot about Iowa police and was not particularly stoked on dealing with them at this venue. They were fucking pricks, but what else is new. They had motorhomes and motor carts and segways and were running around yelling at everyone for no reason at all.

We decided to use all of this free Rockstar Energy Drink that we had to entice people to guess what was inside the mobile stage before we played. If you guess it right you get free rockstar, all anyone guessed was more rockstar, come on get more original people! One or two people said “drums” or “guitars” but either way everyone was excited to see what was inside.

We opened the doors and raged it, its a mobile stage!! Everyone ran up to get more rockstar, and this show was way more a success than the one before. We got rid of a lot of fliers, sold a couple hundred in shirts and CD’s. After the show Wassus decided that it was time to head home, and was going to have to take a train back after the Chicago show tomorrow, so its going to be back to los dos amigos, were going to miss you Wassus!

It was Dimebag’s birthday and the Dimebag Hardware bus showed up half way through the show. Everyone wanted to drink blacktooths all night, but knowing I had an 8 hour drive decided to pass out and wake up at 2:30AM to head out, wake me up if you don’t see me by 3 Dano, alright. I wake up at 5:25 to Dano and Wassus blasting through the back door completely wasted. SHIT I slept through my phone alarm and my reliable backup Dano decided to party another couple hours after the buses left, there were sleeping bags all over the place, empty bottles of Jager…what the fuck happened. I let them both know that we are barely going to make it to the next show in time to play at this point, get in go to sleep and let me work my magic.

Fucking Iowa, weird fucking state, I left at 5:28AM and it was really foggy, to help navigation the Iowa state highway sign is a question mark, confusing fucking shit for a confusing fucking state. Hammer down down the 80, fueling up at the worlds largest truck stop, waiting for the next random drug checkpoint, staying awake on energy drinks. We made it to Tinley Park, IL in time to rage, it was awesome returning to an amphitheater we had been to just a month earlier!

Sat Aug 21, 2010 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

We knew exactly where to set up and rage it seeing as we were already here once before. The response was awesome and we had a lot of people coming up saying they saw us at Mayhem. We handed out a fuckload of flyers at this show, Chicago is really a cool group of people and we hope to return there soon!

Seeing as I pretty much stayed up all night driving and Wassus was leaving in the morning we decided to leave right after playing before doors to get a hotel and sleep all day. I though we would save money on a cab for Wassus by going to South Chicago and staying there. Warning, don’t go to South Chicago.

I should have known by the GPS only having hotels called “Grand Inn”, “2nd street motel”, “motor inn south chicago”, etc… That it was a shitty part of town, I swear we pulled into a neighborhood that looked like something off of Menace II Society. Fuck this guys, were driving south another 5 miles to a Red Roof Inn that’s next to a Motel 6, it looked good by the freeway. Pulled in, parked, and checked in, then found out we were the only white people in the entire area. I have never felt so out of place in my entire life, people were talking shit about my punk rock ass wearing yellow shorts, flip flops, and a rockstar hat, but I knew I couldn’t say anything back or I would probably be shot. I also saw all them scoping out the $40,000 worth of shit sitting in a $1,700 box van sitting in the parking lot. Fuck this place, fuck sleep, Wassus heres $100 for a cab, when we leave lock the door, and try not to be shot. Dano returns from walking half a mile to get cigarettes, tells some story about how he almost got jacked by some boy scouts asking for donation money.

Of course the GPS sends us 3 miles through the depths of “the hood”, we stopped at a train crossing and waited for the train to clear, while 3 homeless looking dudes walked up to us like they were going to take our shit asking only for money, beer, or cigarettes. We hit the freeway and drove 4 hours to Toledo, OH, camped out at a truck stop for a good 3 1/2 hours, damn it feels to be out of the ghetto, I hope Wassus makes it to the train station in the morning!

Woke up and raged the other 4 1/2 hours to Buffalo, NY. Driving through Niagra Falls it decided to rain really fucking hard. At the same time the windshield wipers decided they were not going to work anymore. I was hanging out the window driving down the freeway wiping the windshield with my left hand, wishing I had put Rain-X on the front windshield. Somewhere in the next 15 minutes it stopped raining, everything was dry, and out of nowhere, the windshield wipers decided to work again, THANKS!

Again, thank you GPS, what the fuck? Sent me down 15 miles of city and small town driving, then take a left at the middle of nowhere, drive 10 miles to destination, 2 miles south of a major freeway to the north, FUCK YOU!

Sun Aug 22, 2010 Buffalo, NY Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Where the fuck is the venue? All I see is a 6 Flags. Oh the venue is in the 6 flags, how convenient! Along with this news I also receive the news that we get into 6 Flags for free with our credentials, PARTY!

We met up with security and were lined up on where we were supposed to rage it, pulled around just in time to rage it for 20 minutes, close the door and go park. It was a fucking RAGER! HAHA I had to say it at least once in this Uproar update. It was an awesome time, great location, from here on out the video sucks until the LA show because we have no one to hold the camera.

I ran right over to Six Flags and rode enough rollercoasters to get sick and pass out. I woke up to Dano telling me production wanted us to play the afterparty tonight, FUCK YEAH! This is what I have been waiting for the whole time, and it is going to rage. We pulled around the back and parked, it was raining, and a lot of people were wondering what the fuck a taco truck was doing by the production party area. We opened the door and played the fucking set of our lives! 45 minutes plus 2 more songs, it was so fucking epic! Again it is truly inspiring to have people you grew up listening to buying shirts and CD’s from you, the support they gave us was incredible! We made a lot of new friends this night, then packed it up and headed up the road to the truck stop to sleep.

Day off so we got to Columbus early because I needed to get some stuff to change the oil as well as go to Guitar Center and find some strings. Ran into Halestorm at Guitar Center which was pretty awesome, they are all so fucking cool! Then over to the Staybridge Suites by the airport to hang out with some of our good friends working on the Jager Stage. If you ever have the opportunity to stay at a Staybrige, do it, they have free continental dinner, with free alcohol, as well as anything else you can think of. It was the nicest, cheapest hotel we hit on the entire tour!

Tue Aug 24, 2010 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion / Nationwide Arena

OK today is going to be fucked up, it is in 2 different locations, there is no Jager stage, there is nowhere to park, fuck…We found an awesome parking spot and went to meet with security to see what was up with playing. They told us we could play in between all the 2nd stage bands while everyone walks over to the main stage area, sweet! Hellyeah finished up and we started raging it, had a pretty good mosh going on for our location, we fucking RAGED it! Our good friend Courtney showed up and videoed for us, then we hung out in the parking lot for the rest of the evening. Changed the oil on the rig, which was an awesome idea, it had been a few miles since the last change.

Two days off before the next show in PA, we do not have passports and can not go to Canada at this time, not that they would even let an oversized taco truck with a PA in, so well just take the day off. What a BITCH of a drive it was to PA, I did not know the show in Scranton was at a fucking ski resort, which means there are a lot of hills to climb. I will say though that the drive across PA was absolutely beautiful, a lot of trees, and no signs of logging makes for a spectacular view! Pulled into a truck stop outside of Scranton to pass out for a few hours before finishing the climb to Scranton.

Pulled up the steepest hill I have ever seen before to the Guitar Center parking lot, had to reload on some supplies once again. We met this chick at Guitar Center that was stoked we were doing the tour, and was going to hook us up with some “bomb ass weed” later that night, sweet! Dano has been on me the whole trip to get one of those “room savers” rooms from the papers they have a the truck stops. We checked into a $28 room in the only shitty part of a pretty nice town, it’s going to be a long night!

Dano passes out and I order pizza, pizza shows up Dano wakes up, then Dano walks a mile and a half to the nearest Amish country store, Stangies, comes back with 3 cases of some weird looking beer wrapped in his sweatshirt. Apparently it is illegal to walk out of the store with more than one case of beer in Amish country, note to self…

While he was gone our friend from Guitar Center called and was going to bring by some “bomb ass weed”, so we were all stoked. Our new friend and her other friend, looking suspiciously like off duty stippers roll into our shady fucking hotel room and let us know right off the bat “hey this is the same hotel all the hookers from our work bring their clients”, that explains a whole fuck of a lot seeing as every 30 min we hear someone get slammed against the wall a few doors down, either a pimp roughing up some client, or some shady whore, you know, your typical every day shit in Scranton PA!

Dano want to go grab the pipe out of the peanut butter. Sure. Did you put the pipe in cellophane before submerging it in peanut butter? Ummm, no. So now Dano is in the bathroom cleaning JIF extra chunky off the weed pipe, haha party!! Well we have definitely seen this “bomb ass weed” before, it is Mexican brick weed you stupid bitch! What are the seeds extra? There is nothing bomb about this weed, this is “ass weed” but it is all we got so thank you, and we will see you at the show tomorrow. This was night #1 of Aaron drinking on the tour, cheap beer, cheap pizza, a lower intestine nightmare the next morning, fuck beer and pizza!

Fri Aug 27, 2010 Scranton, PA Montage Mountian Amphitheatre

I was fairly stoked about this show seeing as it was at a ski resort, never played at a ski resort before but have always wanted to. Wide open parking lot and a great location to rage it, my guitar amp is sounding like shit right now though, but fuck it, I played on the Jager stage with it sounding like shit, and it worked, so shit plus anything is better than shit right? This was also the first day we were supposed to be running the Hatewear tent, but due to times and everything we were not able to start it until the next show. Another Hellyeah party tonight, fuckloads of alcohol and such, you know, a good old Amish country rager!

Dano decides we should do a headlight taillight check before we leave. We find out that there are no tail lights or blinkers…party! Fuck it, the pipe is back in the peanut butter, with cellophane around it, we are out of weed, lets do this.

Off to the nearest truck stop for a couple hours of sleep. Then over to Saratoga Springs, NY for the next show. The drive was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, quite a few hills, but definitely less construction so that is always a plus. The roads are starting to get crazy, there are a lot of lanes, a lot of toll roads, and a lot of traffic!

Sat Aug 28, 2010 Saratoga Springs, NY Saratoga Performing Arts Center

From a venue at a ski resort to a venue hidden in the middle of a national park, this one was weird. At this point finding the place to park every day is a guessing game, followed by a lot of turning around and going other places. Well today we guessed the right entrance for the line show, but the wrong entrance for loading in 14 boxes of Hatewear merch with no cart. One box at a time we took on the mile long adventure, but hey, live and learn, now we know to park first, load in merch, then park again…party!

We set up the Hatewear booth, made it back out just in time to play a very up close and personal line show. It is always fun doing these, because as the line moves, more people see, and people that were watching have to move forward and cannot see anymore, every day is different, every day is an adventure!

As soon as we finished up, Dano heads in to man the booth, and I go park the rig. We ran the booth all day until the end of Disturbed, then packed it up and were ready to leave, driving all night to the next venue. This is pretty much how an average day goes at this point, very little sleep, and a lot of fucking hard work, this tour honestly is the most physically demanding thing I have ever done in my life, it all seems like really cool easy shit, but put it all together, take out the sleep and no weed, its a bitch, so those of you that sit back and say “just because they built a mobile stage” do not understand, were doing this because we love doing this shit, and if you do not enjoy this shit, or you are trying to make a fuckload of money or fame off of it can fuck off, because this is music, this is life, this is the life of music!

The roads from Saratoga to Holmdel progressively got weirder, bigger, more expensive, and the GPS was NOT FUCKING HELPING. It sent me down some fucking turnpike that said no vehicles over 3.5 tons, and I am registered at 9 tons. But by the point you see the sign you are already 25 miles down some other turnpike, so you can’t turn around. The definition of turnpike is “expensive road to drive on with more than 4 wheels”.

More lanes kept adding on and the culmination of the whole fucking drive came right at the end with a 17 lane highway toll booth, the guy at the toll booth tried to help me by telling me where to go to find the PNC Bank Center but I was still way lost, running on no sleep, there were parallel freeways that had certain exits on them and somehow I picked the right one, rolled right off the turnpike into the parking lot, parked, and slept for 2 hours.

Sun Aug 29, 2010 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center

Woke up at 11:45, met up to find the location of the merch booth, loaded in the merch booth, pulled around and played for the front of the line. Today there was a radio station in our way, and it is always funny when the radio station is there because they always seem pissed off, like some mobile stage playing over their live broadcast fucks them up or something?

Ran the booth all day and it fucking sucked, we had a horrible spot and very little traffic, it was hot as fuck and everyone seemed pissed off, but we were there. Loaded the shit out at the end of Distrubed and went to the afterparty. Dano got tore the fuck up and had an awesome fucking time, every time I pass out and Dano rages it he has some crazy fucking story of shit that happened that I can not even write about here, it is truly amazing!

Returning to another amphitheater for the second time on the same tour, always stoked to do this. I also like arriving a day early and getting a hotel so I can sleep and catch the camera up with the computer. The hotel was infested with roaches, it was a true roach hotel, but fuck it, it had air conditioning!

Tue Aug 31, 2010 Washington, DC Jiffy Lube Live

Nothing too eventful happened today, pretty much same shit as the other days. It was a fairly short drive to Charlotte, NC, yet still an all night drive. It always fucking sucks to roll into big cities at morning rush hour traffic after driving all night. Here you are all tired and strung out, driving 60 the whole way, then 7 miles from your exit traffic…..fucking…….stops. Whenever I stop after driving all night, the road keeps moving, but the cars don’t, it is like when you play Guitar Hero and everything is all wavy, it is like an acid trip.

Wed Sept 1, 2010 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

No merch booth today because we were waiting to have more shirts shipped to us. It was hot as fuck and there was some hurricane coming in. So everyone recommended us to leave early, but I was tired, so I passed out in the back of the Dimebag Hardware bus for a few hours. Dano woke me up with some catering and we left for Birmingham.

I was stoked to find a cheap hotel next to the tour hotel, especially because I know the tour hotels are always in nice parts of town, and I heard Birmingham is a pretty rough place. We were at a Drury Inn, another fine hotel that offers free continental dinner with free drinks. I decided to take my 3 shots of well whiskey and pass out, night #2 of Aaron drinking again.

Fri Sept 3, 2010 Birmingham, AL Verizon Wireless Music Center

I have never been to a venue where the police actually walk around inside with drug dogs. What a fucking trip. We hear the news first thing in the morning that Hellyeah wants us to play their production afterparty, fucking stoked! Found out merch booth location, loaded in merch booth, played in front of doors, came in ran merch booth, then found out that someone broke into our house and stole a bunch of shit. This especially helped for the production afterparty that was about to take place, this set will be the end of our lives, were going to fucking rage it, and fuck tweekers in other bands that break into your house when you are gone and steal your shit, especially when it is not your shit because all your shit is in a mobile stage, it is someone else’s shit that isn’t even yours, fuck life!

45 minutes of me beating my head against the steel door, the both of us raging it harder than we ever have in our lives, it was a truly epic moment, that was not even caught on video tape, it was one of those moments meant for the 150 people standing there drinking tequila eating carne asada, EPIC!

Talk to everyone for a couple hours then bus call, 120 miles to Atlanta, a nice short drive. As soon as I hit the freeway I knew I should probably sleep, I had beaten myself up so bad during the set that I was driving off the road and missing exits, sleep was in order, truck stop for a good 4 hour nap. Finished the drive to Atlanta, another return visit, stoked, hopefully its cooler this time!

Sat Sept 4, 2010 Atlanta, GA Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood

Same shit different day, I hate to say it that way, but I also hate to write the same thing every time, you know how it goes by now. As much as we really wanted to return to Tampa, FL because it was the same place we played on the Jager stage, it cuts 16 hours out of the drive to not do it, and even though we were doing pretty well financially at this point, made more sense to head west seeing as the U-Haul was not running very well.

We returned to the same hotel in Birmingham because it was in a nice part of town, plus I wanted the free food and drinks. Took my 3 free well shots, then walked across the street to the Tilted Kilt with Dano for another 8 shots of Jack, night #3 of Aaron drinking again…PARTY!

I lasted a couple hours, picked up some to go orders of chips and fries and headed back to the room. Drove about 16 hours the next day, slept at a truck stop, landed outside Tulsa, OK after a bunch of turnpike bullshit. Pretty nice hotel for a Super 8, the chick that checked us in was really cool, until Dano pulled some massage:30 shit right after we got there? Dont ask.

Wed Sept 8, 2010 Tulsa, OK BOK Center

Rain, tornadoes, rain, wind, rain, welcome to Tulsa! No show before the line today and no merch tent, the setup is just crazy today, time to change the oil again! Hey we need power steering fluid, the GPS says there is an auto parts store a mile away, want to go for a walk? We start walking and it starts raining hard! Come to find out there IS no auto parts store a mile away, it is 3 miles away. Luckily these really cool dudes with a truck pulled up and gave us a ride the rest of the way, which saved our fucking asses because it would have been 7 hours of walking, in the rain.

Tuned the truck all up and I am always stoked when that happens. It runs so much better when you change the oil. Dano decided today that he would drink an entire bottle of Jager in two mixed drinks…PARTY! End of the night Airbourne was golfing and jamming out in the conference center, Dano was swimming around on the ground…time to leave!

I have drove through some pretty crazy shit, but when an 18,000 pound vehicle is hydroplaning it is time to stop. Passed out at a rest area until sunrise and surprisingly enough it had stopped raining. Down the turnpike we go to Dallas, TX, stop at another rest area for some more sleep for tonight is the Hellyeah party at Vinnie Paul’s clubhouse!

We walk upstairs to the Uproar Festival area of the Clubhouse to find about 900 beers on ice, 30 bottles of Jager, whiskey, tequila, carne asada…Night #4 of Aaron drinking again! I was having an unbelievably good time, but also knew if I didn’t sleep that the all night drive the next night would suck, so at about midnight I checked in to the U-Haul for some sleep.

I woke up around 8AM and needed to take a shit. Upon opening the door I see Dano in the distance drinking with someone. I walked over to him, typical last man standing style he said something to me. He’s standing there finishing the last warm Natural Ice with Sean from Stone Sour, somehow had him convinced into sleeping in the U-Haul since he missed his bus, but I don’t think Sean knew it was a sauna in there, so he grabbed a cab and returned to the tour hotel. Sometime in the next 2 minutes Dano disappeared to puke into a storm drain, 2 minutes after that, I dissappear to take a shit in the same storm drain…works better than a garbage can full of fire ants?

Fri Sept 10, 2010 Dallas, TX Cente

More sleep, more shit, hello Center! Drink Ticket Dano was very hung over today, he woke up at some point and passed out in the VIP lounge that was not even open. Set up the merch booth, raged it for the line, ran the booth all day, all night hungover drive to Corpus Christi…YEAHH.

Typical all night drive, passed out at a truck stop for a couple hours, it was humid as fuck, hot as fuck, I was sweaty as fuck, unshowered, I fucking love the road! Corpus Christi is quite a site to see when you drive in there, oil refinery’s everywhere, nice looking buildings, but this venue was in “the hood”.

Sat Sept 11, 2010 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amphitheater

Very very interesting amphitheater, it is in an old concrete plant, so you walk around on all this cracked old concrete, it feels like you are in some weird video game. Once again no Jager Stage. Hot hot hot hot hot humid day it was today, very little sleep, very tired, fuck life! After Disturbed we packed up and went over to see what Hellyeah was up to. Chad and Marcus wanted to take some whiskey shots and how could I say no, night #5 of Aaron drinking again. Then we rolled over to the production party for a while. I passed out after having to climb over a barbed wire fence, same goes for Dano later. I missed my fucking phone alarm and woke up at 8AM, giving us 4 hours to drive 4 hours to Houston…FUCK.

Sun Sept 12, 2010 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Fueled up, hammer down, called to say we were going to be late, showed up, no line show today because of insurance, set up the merch booth, ran the merch booth, then packed it up, this was our last night on the tour for a few days. Were not doing the Colorado or Utah dates because I really did not want the mobile stage to break down in the rocky mountains, fuck that.

We shot across to some town in the middle nowhere, TX. Checked into a Holiday Inn Express and went to Cracker Barrel for the first time, not bad shit, another place I have passed 100,000 times and never stopped at. Tried to catch up on the computer but decided to sleep instead, there is a 16 hour drive tomorrow to Phoenix, AZ, but one of the last big drives of the tour!

We made it to AZ sometime around 11PM and I promptly went to sleep. Slept most of the next day, went outside around 5PM and it was 120 degrees out. This was the day we put all the vinyl on the U-Haul, it was a BITCH in the heat, we did the best we could for the conditions we were given, and really it fit the U-Haul quite nicely!

Left at 9PM for an all night drive to San Pedro, CA to pick up Big Lav! Fucking stoked that he made it down for the last few shows. Originally he was going to come on the whole tour but had to have surgery and was unable to go. It was kind of like Leutennant Dan in Apollo 13, he sat home at mission control the whole time, so getting to have him come out and make everything sound perfect was fucking awesome!

LA was a bitch of a drive in morning rush hour, in a taco truck with a PA. We picked up Mike sometime around 5AM and headed over to Irvine before traffic got too bad. We also have found out that the day after Irvine, at the San Diego show we will be playing under the Metal Mulisha while they jump over the top of us, time to get this shit sounding good!!

Fri Sept 17, 2010 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Fuck sleep, sleep is over rated, stayed up all morning with Mike and we ate breakfast at Del Taco, Dano was still sleeping so I got him 30 tacos to go, which he ate all of them. We set up in kind of a Cracker Jack location, but it didn’t really matter because we mainly just wanted to get shit sounding good today, tomorrow is where the real magic needs to happen!

Showed Mike the ropes on all the merch booth business, which isn’t much. Now that we are on the west coast there is good weed everywhere so life is good! This venue was fucking huge and we were parked out in the front lot, so there was definitely a lot of walking going on. Loaded back up and headed for San Diego after the partying was over, lets find a Wal Mart.

Drove to 2 different locations where there was supposed to be a 24 hour wal mart and none of them were open, fuck life! Ended up at a supposed supercenter in San Diego, which wasn’t a supercenter so there was no grocery store, so we loaded up on cereal, milk, water, and rice pudding, then drove the other 20 miles down to the venue. I LOVE showing up early enough to sleep 4 hours at the venue before waking up and not having to drive anywhere, it is awesome!

Sat Sept 18, 2010 San Diego, CA Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

Today was a merch booth nightmare, seeing as we were playing 4 sets during the day under the Metal Mulisha. We ended up having to put the booth in the festival area so we could be there quicker after playing. We parked right behind the take off ramp, threw a bunch of Metal Mulisha stickers on the van and were ready to rage!

Nothing is fucking cooler than smelling exhaust and watching people doing crazy shit on motorcycles over the top of you while you play music for 10,000 people, it was fucking EPIC! Mike was all worried about getting run over so he talked to the riders beforehand to get the down-low. Sure as shit second song in Mike blindly jumps out of the van and runs right into the side of Jimmy Hill, I watched the whole fucking thing go down, and it could have been a lot worse, but since no one was hurt and everyone was happy, it was funny, haha, once bitten twice shy!

Afterwords was a Stone Sour party, and let me tell you what, that one man DJ was awesome, he should do that for a living! Lots of chicken, lots of booze, lots of weed, it was a good time, and I for some reason passed out way early, I think I was tired or something? I woke up in the morning to hearing a vehicle idling, I figured it was time to leave, I come out to find Dano saying we are completely locked in, and the vehicle that was idling was our friend Shane in the Metal Mulisha ramp.

The 3 of us walk around and see we are totally locked in, right about the time we are thinking of getting out the grinding wheel and a generator, some dudes show up that need to get in to the amphitheater, in the time we walked up there to say whatsup, they had broken the chain off with a sledge hammer, and were already in the gate, thank you…PARTY!

We were thinking about going camping on the beach because we had 2 days to drive 140 miles. Shane was thinking the same thing, so we all went camping on the beach, after driving to 3 beaches that were closed down. It really puts some confidence in me following around a 60 foot semi and trailer motorcycle landing ramp, it makes the U-Haul feel small, and easy to manuver.

We made a few stops in LA the next day then went up to Shane’s to fucking party! I had a half gallon of whiskey, night #6 of Aaron drinking again. Party fucking time! Fuck, these guys know how to party. Woke up at 5AM, walked to Jack in the Box to take a shit, then back to sleep. Ate some breakfast and headed to Bakersfield…YEAHH!

Tue Sept 21, 2010 Bakersfield, CA Rabobank Arena

I’m glad we skipped Phoenix, because the whole tour was blacklisted at the border and they had drug dogs fucking peoples world up, part of the reason we are building a “drug free” mobile stage this winter, that shit is stressful!

We rolled up to Robocop arena around 12, found our air conditioned merch location inside the pavillion, which was nice. Today they were talking about having us play next to the Rockstar tent in between bands. So we rolled up still in the parking lot, on the other side of the caution tape, and raged 6 sets between every band, it was fucking AWESEOME! Mike got some good video of this one and I can’t wait to see it, it was like one epic moment the day before, followed by this epic moment today, we were In This Epic Moment!

We always say were going to leave early then end up being the last to leave. We left around 2AM and headed north. At first it felt good to head west, now it feels good to head north, every mile we are going is one mile less that we will need towed when this thing blows up, another reason why we are building a newer, more reliable mobile stage.

Stopped by our good friend Brent from Better Left Unsaid’s house in Modesto to say whatsup at 5 in the morning, him and Emily talked me into sleeping for a few hours, which was a good idea, I was pretty tired.

Wed Sept 22, 2010 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre

Rolled up to Sacramento, got there a little late, but fuck it, we made it in time. Set up the merch tent and went and raged a very up close and personal line show, it is always fun going to amphitheaters where we have been shut down in the past. It was a pretty hot day, and everyone was fairly partied out. We loaded out the merch tent and Mike cooked up some hot dogs, I ate some hot dogs and passed right out, woke up at 2:30AM and drove to the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning.

The only thing that wakes me up in the morning is Mike saying…yeah. I woke up to that at about 10AM at the Casino, Dano rolled out a minute later and we went in and attacked the casino buffet, it was a very epic meal!

Headed straight north to Eugene, we skipped the Spokane show because it has some really nasty hillclimbs, remember back at the very beginning when we ran out of gas on the hill? That was Spokane, the hill was so steep it made the van run out of gas, and probably made the motor blow up, fuck the drive to spokane!

Stopped by Mission Control Corporate U-Haul Hangar for about 18 hours and slept, then woke up and headed to Vancouver, WA where we were going to play a show in front of our friends clothing store Rebel Row.

It is pretty crazy that for the last 3 months we have been playing shows with permission, there is no adrenaline rush every day of breaking the law, or doing what we aren’t supposed to be doing, it is far from dull, but it is also far from what we are used to doing. So we were headed up to play in the middle of the street, with no permits. We raged it for 45 minutes and stopped on our own, everyone around there was stoked, no one called the cops, it was fucking amazing!

After that we had some time to get to Auburn, so we stayed and hung out at Shannahan’s right up the street. Mike was introduced to how Vancouver knows how to party! I passed out around 10 or so, woke up at 3:30 to 2 completely wasted dudes coming in the van, then drove to Auburn, and slept some more.

Sat Sept 25, 2010 Seattle, WA White River Amphitheatre

This venue in particular we have played the parking lot 6 times, and been shut down 3 times, so it is a true epic moment to have permission to do this, seeing a lot of the same people that shut us down before. We even played in the same spot we always play in, instead of by the front door, essentially the entire tour for us this summer started here, without permission, and now it ends here, with permission.

This is it, the last show of the tour, and not just of the current tour, but of the Music Adventure. We started this off thinking it was going to take 2 weeks and we have been gone for 3 months. We have been places in a beat up old taco truck with a PA that we never would have thought we would ever be in a regular vehicle. We have experienced more in 3 months than can even be explained in a blog.

It was hard tracking everyone down and saying goodbye to all the people we have seen every day for 3 months, it is near impossible, all I know is that I will see them all at some point down the line. To help with the process, I decided to drink a quarter gallon of Jim Beam Black whiskey and parade through production with a glass of whiskey on ice, an open jar of weed, and me saying, who wants some weed, shot of whiskey? Night #7 of Aaron drinking…

We returned home the next night, pulled right down Broadway in Eugene, Mike behind the wheel, door open playing Sheep, smoke bellowing out like the van is on fire, stopped in front of John Henry’s with hazard lights on, played for 2 minutes, shut the door, parked the van, went in and got wasted, night #8 of Aaron drinking again, I thought it would feel good to be home again, instead I feel like I’m not doing something that I should be doing, I think I will sleep in the U-Haul tonight to maintain continuity, music is a hell of a drug!


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