Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Made it through The Grapevine….

And we had no idea what was waiting for us in Los Angeles. At this point the only thing we have planned is the NAMM show and some Hellyeah parking lot shows, but those are all next week. The first night we partied at Shane’s house and talked about going to the Willie Nelson show the next night in Agoura Hills. Kind of seemed crazy at the time but we are in a mobile stage and can play wherever we want. Then we saw an LA weekly and noticed that there is a show going on pretty much every night around here that we could rage it at. Started calling everyone up and figuring out the schedule, the possibilities are literally endless around here, and pretty much for the rest of the month of January, this is our new home.

Woke up the next morning and rid ourselves of the beer shits and partial hangovers. Smoked weed like we always do, pretty much all day. Left around 6 for The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. When we arrived the buses pretty much were located where we had planned out with Google Earth…There is a lot more to playing a mobile stage show than just showing up and raging, timing has to be right, and you need to have a general idea of where you are parking. It is very difficult to drive a 30 foot vehicle into an area where thousands of people are congregating to watch a show, while having no knowledge whatsoever about the area.

So we had a meeting over a bowl of weed and figured we would park in the shopping center across the street, by Kinkos, because I needed to make some copies anyway. Once we parked. it looked like we were going to play pretty soon so I didn’t go to Kinko’s. Instead the security guard came over and told us we can’t park here if were going to the show, I told him we were meeting our friend at the Sushi place right there, he kind of gave me a weird look(because the sushi place was closed and Shane was a couple miles away at a different sushi place). He then told us we can’t video the 14 year old girls dancing in the dance place we were parked at……what? We were like dude, were not pedophiles, were from out of town, and were meeting our friend here. He said he was just doing his job, which he was, really really well, I mean he obviously found a group of 3 stoner pedophiles from Oregon!

Just when we think the bullshit is over, this 55 year old lady comes out of the dance class. She walks up to my window and tells me that we CANT video the little girls. At this point we were done doing our video commentary and the camera was not even there. I told her WE ARE NOT PEDOPHILES, we have no interest in looking at your underage girls in there, we are just parked here because we are meeting our friend. Trust me….there are missing children on the side of this thing, we want to find missing children, not harm children, chill out bitch. She gets all nice and acts like she understands, then goes inside, and slowly….closes…every……there.

Then the security guard comes by again and fucks with us. Realizing we need to get the fuck out of there I move over to the other side of the parking lot and park under a tree. The guard comes over AGAIN and wants to know what the fuck is going on, I tell him again we are meeting our friend and he will be here soon, that is all I know, I’m sorry!

At this point were thinking it needs to be a driveby show, Bekka has never driven the U-haul, but is very confident in her driving abilities, so we figure to roll with it, it is only one left hand corner and a straight away. So just drive really really slow, and if you see people come out, stop for a little bit, then stop at the stop sign, I’ll climb in the front, and we’ll roll the fuck out of here. She did an AWESOME job driving too, stopped for pedestrians, you know, being really really safe, because that is the most important thing, oh and it means you can play a longer song.

Still we have no idea what Willie Nelson is going to think of The Athiarchists, this is what is so cool about The Music Adventure Stage, every day is an adventure and we can play for whoever the fuck we want to without even asking. We respect the venues and the people working at them. If someone in charge says to stop, we stop, and leave, that simple…..only that hasn’t happened yet, everywhere we go people are fucking STOKED. How could you not be stoked, you have two homeless people in a moving stage playing free music for you, giving you free shit, you can’t hate on that.

People walking down the sidewalk stopped and were like what the fuck is this? Then a roadie went over and beat on the door of Willie Nelson’s bus, he popped his head out and waved at us, we were playing the Soner Rock Song for him, with our green lights on and fog blasting out, it was perfect, everyone was stoked, Shane even made it there in time to see it, then we threw out some business cards, switched drivers, made a left hand turn where you can’t make left hand turn, then blew across a 10 lane divided highway that was right turn only to get on the freeway. Rallied straight to Arcadia for some Taco Lita.

We have been eating less on this tour than any other tour we have done. Just heating up microwave food everyday, ravioli, cup noodles, easy mac, Lunchables, whatever is really cheap and easy to make. So when it is time to go to either of the big 3: In and Out, Jimboys, or Taco Lita, we throw the fuck down like it is the last meal. We all went for 2 Jumbos, it was almost $40 with tax, but what was worse than the money tax, was the tax it lay on my intestines, just too much fiber for someone who’s been eating Lunchables every day. It was still worth it though, worth every painful moment.

So where do we go today? I guess Sunset Blvd, but not until after we sit on the side of the road for about an hour staring at the windshield figuring out where to go. We also decided we ARE going to play on the freeway during a traffic jam, but not like those motherfuckers that closed the freeway, we are going to entertain the people sitting in their cars in traffic…Quite the opposite of the “other guys”.

Endured the 45 minute drive down Santa Monica Blvd through about 300 stop lights up to Sunset, that is the only thing that sucks about the location of all the Sunset Strip venues, they are as far away from the freeway as you can possibly get, and driving a U-haul down rough narrow roads with people and lights fucking sucks! Got lucky and landed the 2 parking spots right in front of The Roxy, where there was some industry night thing going on with some fairly mellow, but really cool bands. Paid the meters and sat on the side of the road from 4PM to 9PM, a very boring stressful time it was. While we were out walking Dano picked up a handle of Jim Beam…Can’t wait until this stress is all over, and I can get wasted, there is nothing better than the feeling at the end of a Music Adventure day, words can’t explain.

I sat in the front seat like a fucking tweeker, just making sure no one was going to give us a parking ticket, or be pissed that we were blocking the entire Roxy sign and marquee. At 7:30 we went over to The Rainbow for a pizza, then right at 9 we walked over to the mobile stage, Bekka grabbed the camera and backed me up a little bit because I was boxed in, Dano fired up the generator and got drums ready, I crawled in the back, opened the door and we raged one song. I was BLOWN AWAY by everyone’s response, even the guards at the front door that I was most scared about were pumped! After we closed the door and I was up front getting ready to leave, Bekka comes to the window and says “they want you to play another song”, I said “who wants us to play another song, the people, or someone that works for the club”, she said “the guards up front said its cool, you can play until 9:45”. So the door opens back up and we rage a couple more songs…Pretty fucking ironic that 3 years ago we paid $500 to play at The Whisky and now we play an unannounced mobile stage show in front of The Roxy 50 people, the exact amount of tickets we had to sell for The Whisky, and they ask us to play one more song.

There was a TSOL/Youth Brigade show going on 100 feet up the road at The Key Club. There was no parking in front all night and for some reason when we pulled out all the cars were gone. I was already in the far left turn lane, and turning around would have been a bitch so I decided there was no way it would happen, feeling kind of bad all night that we could have raged it for 600 angry kids on the side of Sunset Blvd…..Well….I am glad we didn’t stop there because here is what was happening

All of this happened no more than 3 minutes after we pulled out of The Roxy, as I was heading down Santa Monica Blvd there were cops hauling ass up to Sunset, I thought nothing about it until my friend Chris sent me this link today. If we had played that riot it would have been legendary epic and amazing, but at the same time I am glad we didn’t at this time, not only would we have been shot with rubber bullets and tear gas, which I GLADLY would have taken in the name of punk rock, but thanks to the fuckers that closed down the freeway I am sure mobile stages have a bad name with the cops, and if they rolled up and saw a band playing a riot we would have been arrested for inciting a riot and banned from doing what we do in Hollywoood. So even though we missed out on some legendary shit, we need to do that when we are leaving LA, not right when we get here!

Trust me, there is sooooo much shit going on around here on a nightly basis, tomorrow we are playing the Anaheim Supercross and then playing Slayer for Slayer, plenty of opportunity for disaster to strike. I feel like I am flying a 3 passenger airplane 100 feet above the ground through a major city, or better yet Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi when he is flying through the Death Star at the end of the movie…..But I am stoned the whole time, we are all stoned the whole time, it’s, uhhhhhhhhhh…….FUCKING AWESOME! “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'”, were here to play music and show people that anything is possible if you have heart.

As we are on our way back up to our friend Shane’s house, he calls and says hes at this bar Pizza Wings n Things a few miles from his house, and that we should meet him there. As soon as we roll up, he says flip around and park right here, right in the middle of the road blocking in all the cars, it’s cool…this is Castaic!

We fucking BLEW UP Pizza Wings N Things, people were stoked, everyone came out as we raged 3 songs for them. Afterwords I climbed in the drivers seat to park and ended up puking for a few minutes. It was a really stressful day, I really need to calm the fuck down and not worry so much, but just when you stop doing that….THE SHIT HITS THE FAN! So I will continue to worry, tonight were going to let Hollywood calm down from the riot last night, tomorrow is going to be a crazy day, plus we will be returning to the very parking lot that we played our first parking lot show ever, Angels Stadium, it took a police helicopter and spotlight to stop us last time, lets see what happens now…PARTY. I say party because midnight tonight it is the start of Dano’s official birthday, even though it lasts for months at a time, his actual birth day lasts 24 hours and is bound to be fucking epic!

Done with blogs and on to videos, going to skip ahead and do the videos of yesterday first, Fantasy Factory, Roxy, Wings N Things, and the story of an empty bottle of Jim Beam, oh and how can I forget Dano dipping his balls in a glass of everclear last night for 6 Metal Mulisha shirts, then lighting them on fire later.

I almost forgot to write about the Jim Beam party last night at Shane’s, although in a time line of last night I did not last that long. I had 2 drinks Dano mixed partied for a few hours and passed the fuck out, I woke up a couple times once the sun was up and they were still trying to polish off the handle. You have nothing to worry about Dano, you’re like a piece of iron, your beard is safe.


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  1. Music has a mystic manner of being able to take you instantly back to a specific place and time in your past
    I will definitely vote them, for one reason…. THEY’RE AWESOME

    January 8, 2011 at 10:36 am

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