Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Its been awhile since the last update, lets get caught back up

So much has happened since we returned home from the Music Adventure, I really wanted to write about all of that before starting Music Adventure Part 2: California Adventure Tour, but we have been really busy, pretty much playing multiple shows every day since returning home. I think if we added up all the shows we have played around the city of Eugene in the mobile stage it would be more than the amount of days we were home. We were playing literally anywhere we wanted to, and also did things with it that did not involve performing music: while driving down the road, VIA wireless into venues from inside the mobile stage, blasting Christmas music all over town on Christmas, marriage proposal, football games, birthday parties, radio stations, parking lots, the list goes on. Ill come back and write about all that when we return home from this tour.

This is The California Music Adventure Tour, we are driving down to Los Angeles to do the same thing we have been doing around Eugene, OR for the last 3 months. We are going to play wherever we feel like playing, we are going to play everywhere we have always wanted to play, and we just felt that the Music Adventure Stage needed one last tour before getting retired to The Athiarchists Museum to make room for Music Adventure II in the U-haul hanger, which will be renamed to the Penske hanger.

Just like the last music adventure, we always put everything off until the last 3 days before we leave. We had 3 months to get ready, finish a CD, make merch, work on the van, save up money, and in the 3 days before we somehow accomplished all those things leaving fairly satisfied and prepared. Here is what we did on each of those days


wake up around 12PM, the crack of noon
go get weed
smoke weed
drive to U-haul hangar
smoke weed
stare at computer screen
smoke weed
talk to Dano about what we need to get ready
talk to Dano about where we should rage
smoke weed
go out to hangar and look at uhaul
take a couple shots of whiskey
plug in work lights
smoke weed
find Eddie Grant on iTunes and start grooving
smoke weed to entire Eddie Grant CD
take a couple shots of whiskey
play Foosball
start duplicating CD’s on 10 disc duplicator
CD’s aren’t copying right for some reason, fuck with it for 2 hours
smoke weed
smoke more weed
CD’s are finally being duplicated properly
Burn new screens for patches because the current ones are backwards
smoke weed
play Foosball
Dano Writes “The Athiarchists A Verbal Lashing” on 400 CD’s
Aaron installs new merch shelf above drums in mobile stage
smoke the last of the weed
play Foosball
Time to head into town because were out of WEED
get weed
smoke weed
drop Dano off to PARTY
Aaron does the Aaron thing
Go to sleep 3AM

Day 2

Wake up around 10AM
Smoke weed
call Dano
take shower
call Dano
call Dano
smoke weed
wait 15 min for Dano to call back
Leave figuring Dano partied hard last night and will pick him up this afternoon
drive to U-haul hangar
smoke weed
start cleaning out U-haul
sit in U-haul staring at it for 30 minutes
smoke weed
Check oil in U-haul just to see where it’s at
take shot of whiskey
smoke weed
Bekka calls and her bus is 30 minutes away(Bekka is our friend from Tacoma helping us video and sell merch)
Pick up Bekka at bus station
go to fabric store for patch material
Dano texts and says hes awake and at the house
Dano calls and we decide to meet up after kinkos
go to home depot for heater and extention cords
go to Guitar Center for their last 2 sets of strings
go to Wal-mart for blank beanies and paperclips
go to Kinkos to pick up promo cards and make books for CD’s
take way longer at Kinkos than expected
go to house to pick up Dano
smoke weed
Bekka gives us some weed cookies
eat weed cookies
smoke weed
go to dollar store for gloves, scarves, and beanies
head back to U-haul hangar
smoke weed
play foosball
make CD’s
write on CD’s
smoke weed
Package CD’s
Screenprint beanies and gloves
smoke weed
smoke the last of the weed
head back into town to get more weed
smoke weed
head home
smoke weed
watch 40 minutes of “Fast Times at Ridgemount High”
smoke weed
Dano passes out
Aaron passes out
Bekka passes out in Athiarchist house by herself 3AM

Day 3

Wake up 11AM
drive to house to pick up Dano and Bekka
smoke weed
go to grocery store
drive to U-haul hangar
smoke weed
print CD’s
write on CD’s
package CD’s
find out on our own that dude canceled the new years show we were playing
get pissed
smoke weed
not pissed anymore
smoke weed
Decide we will just play all over Redding for new years
screen print beanies and gloves
hand Bekka gallon of Gallo Rossi wine and screen printing squeegee
move drums forward on mobile stage
install PlayStation 2 and TV in mobile stage
move fog machine
talk about really cool thing to do with fog machine
smoke weed
end up not doing anything cool with fog machine
Bekka comes out 2 hours later blackout drunk and a half gallon of wine is missing
smoke weed
Dano takes over the screen printing
Bekka searches for bottle of wine
load up mobile stage with merch and CD’s
Bekka is still searching for bottle of wine
Bottle of wine is on top of speaker, in plain view of Bekka
Aaron decides to hide bottle of wine just in case she finds it
clean the U-haul hangar
Realize it is 4AM and we have to leave by 10AM
smoke weed
Bekka passes out
stare at computer screen
Change leaving time to noon
Bekka wakes up, pukes, passes out again
smoke weed
Drive back to Eugene because I left my blanket and pillow at home
Return to U-haul hangar in record driving time to sleep for 3 hours
smoke weed
Go to sleep 7AM

Day 4

Wow I could really do this for every day, but I think that was the only way to recap what happened in those 3 days, everything pretty much parallels what happened when we were building this thing, it is how we operate, last minute and get shit done!

A hangover is no way to start off a tour….or is it? Dano stayed passed out in the back for most of the drive to Redding, Bekka was in the pasenger seat nursing a mean headache/hangover. Even hungover as fuck she was up before either of us cooking breakfast, and all the shit she printed blackout drunk came out better than any of the shit me and Dano did…you already have more points than Wassus!(sorry Wassus but remember the shirt you screen printed?)

Stopped by Medford Guitar Center for more strings and they don’t even carry them anymore…Fuck. Drove over the Siskious pass which I was a little worried about, because the weather had been bad, but it was clear and easy. Went to Wal-Mart in Redding first to stock up on microwave food and water. Heated up some left over microwave burritos from breakfast and headed over to Bombays.

I decided to pass out for a couple hours since it was only 9 and I was pretty fucking tired from the night before. 10 minutes after I go to my bed Dano calls and is saying we should go park in front of Johnny’s Cathouse(the bar across the street from Bombays). Johnny’s and Bombays do not get along, pretty much the owner of Johnny’s is a piece of shit and the owner of Bombays is fucking awesome. “let me take the guard off, I’ll fire up the generator and pull around”. I pull around and park in the spot Dano had blocked off for us, shut off the van, and crawled in the back. I was tuning up my guitar and waiting for Dano to get in because I thought we were playing. I hadn’t been there for 4 minutes and Dano calls me. “Hey Aaron don’t move or get out, there’s cops all around you”. I went over this quick subconscious checklist in my head

1. Am I drunk….no
2. Did I smoke weed in the last 30 minutes….no
3. I guess there is no number 3

Everything passed on my checklist to deal with cops, so I blasted out that back door, looked right at them and said…whatsup? They said “are you Aaron”, I say “yeah, nice to meet you!”. The owner of Johnny’s was standing right there, he looked me in the eyes and said “so do you get off on doing shit like this?”, I said “shit like what, running my generator in my house on the side of the road”, keep in mind the door has never opened and we have not played any music at all. They told me that it is illegal to operate a generator in your vehicle in the state of California. I argued that with “well what about motor homes, this is my home”. They said it is not a motor home, it is a commercial vehicle, and commercial vehicles can’t be parked on California ave in Redding. I told them it was not a commercial vehicle, and they said California rules are different and if I have a yellow license plate it is commercial…Better beware driving to California with yellow license plates, or at least Redding. The dumbfuck owner of Johnny’s then chimed in telling me to park it on top of the parking structure, I told him we can’t fit our van in that parking structure, let alone the mobile stage that is 11 feet 6 inches tall…you dumbfuck. I told them I would park behind Bombays, they then escorted me there, and continued to drive by every 5 minutes until we left at 5 in the morning the next day.

After all that bullshit, and pretty much figuring out we would not be playing a show anywhere tonight, pissed off and tired, I went to sleep. But not until drawing on the roof of my bunk for 3 hours about the Redding Police and Johnny’s Cathouse. I set Dano and Bekka off into the bar armed with a video camera and a good time, and I dont really know much about what hapened between this point and 10:00 in the morning, because the camera battery died, but I know at least for Dano it was something along the lines of the movie “The Hnagover”. I woke up at 5:30 to someone beating on the back door, “smokey joe, smokey joe, open up, I need a ride!” It was our good friend Matt from Bombays, still kind of half awake I tell him I can’t leave until everyone gets in the U-haul, he told me Bekka was in there, I checked and she was, but still no Dano. While I was calling Dano to see where he was I heard Matt say “half ounce of weed”, as soon as Dano answered I told him I was taking Matt home and staying at his house, which was cool, because Dano….was still partying!

Day 5

Got to Matt’s house, smoked weed, and passed out. Woke up around noon and started trying to locate Dano. Found out where Dano was at, he was on foot, attempting the 5 mile walk over to Matt’s house. Matt told me to take his car to go get him, then decided he would just go get them. Matt made us breakfast at 3:30PM and we headed out to Red Bluff. Dano was still passed out when we got there, so Bekka and I set up the merch and waited for the show to start. I woke Dano up 20 minutes before we were supposed to play, he ran down and started tearing his drums apart until I said “hey dude, were playing in the mobile stage, not inside”, he then hugged me and said “lets smoke some weed dude…I feel like Chucky Cheese”. We raged it for about a half hour, seeing as there were more bands and we were kind of outside, we didn’t want the cops to come and ruin everyone’s night. It was an awesome show, people were moshing like crazy in the complete darkness.

There was only one more band so the guy in charge asked us if we wanted to play again, fuck yeah well play again. We started this set off with a rave setting, playing like some deathmou5 or something like that. People were stoked, and bumping and grinding everywhere, then we went into about a 40 minute set. Red Bluff knows how to fucking rage, this was our first time here, we always play in Redding, only 30 minutes away.

We closed the door, loaded merch up, and headed back up to Redding. We had decided the night before to play Bombays inside tonight because no one got to see us mobile stage it yesterday, thanks to Johnny’s Cathouse and the Redding Police. Dano is a fucking trooper, hungover as fuck, after playing 2 shows, downs 4 drinks before unloading gear, loads gear, rages a fucking insane hour long set, has 3 shots of fireball with me during the set, loads his shit out to the U-haul…then all of a sudden, as he is standing on my guitar and bass cab in some sort of surfing position, he slips and eats fucking shit. I honestly thought he would have ripped his knee off, broken his ankle, or leg, he somehow just got a gnarly bruise and scrape on his upper back thigh, yeah up high enough so he has to show you his ass to show you the bruise, which he does daily. Dano drank a few more, we headed over to our friends house, smoked a bunch of weed, and passed out.

Day 6

This day started off with about 6 bowls of weed and hash. I was so fucking baked at Wal-Mart that I left all the shit I bought at the checkout and had to go back and get it. I walked around the food section for 20 minutes and only left with a bag of fritos and a 3 pack of Pringles. Drove an hour south to the casino in Corning, went in and gambled a little, Dano won some money like he always does, then we all kind of passed out. Woke up after a couple hours and Bekka was able to line us up a show at On The Y in Sacramento tomorrow, sweet! Went back to sleep, im still fucking stoned.

Day 7

Woke up around 10 and headed south to Sacramento. Decided the first stop would be Guitar Center to get sticks and strings. A friend of ours, Alan came by to check out the mobile stage. Took us over to Jimboys for lunch, one of our favorite places to go, thanks a lot man!! He hooked us up then headed out, well be by here on the way home and rage a show somewhere for you. We were having some generator troubles today, the battery is fucked up, probably dead and needs to be replaced, typical battery bullshit, they only make them to last for 6 months.

Headed over to On the Y and met up with our friend Grant that drove there from San Mateo to hang out. He hooked Dano up with this really awesome Muppet Animal that he got off EBAY. Took some shots of Evan Williams in the mobile stage to kill time and wake up. For a last minute show we were pretty surprised at the turnout, which was about 8 people minus the 15 at the bar, but by the time we were half way through our set everyone was having a great time. Then of course The Entertainment Crackers played, if you haven’t heard of them we will have some videos up of it soon! After The Entertainment Crackers, The Athiarchists raged another 3 or 4 songs, Bekka was doing an awesome job slanging the merch for us, it is really nice having someone to sell merch while we play, between the last few shows we have made enough money off merch to get the mobile stage to Los Angles. Southbound and down, well hit up all the other California areas on the way home, we need to get to Shane’s house…PARTY!

Pulled into a truck stop in Ripon, CA to pass out because it was really foggy, and Shane wasn’t going to be home until the next afternoon. It’s finally starting to warm up, I think we have officially left the arctic weather!

Allright I actually wrote all of this kind of as it happened, but just never had internet to upload it all. So at this point we are a few days into our Los Angeles Adventure, many many many crazy awesome unbelievable things have happened, I’ll get the update up as soon as possible!! Thank you everyone for reading our blog and supporting us, sorry it hasn’t been updated in awhile!!


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