Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

The Uproar Story

So I did not update this nearly as much for the Uproar Tour. There was a lot more driving, and a lot less time connected to the internet. Also during the days we were running the Hatewear tent so any time we actually had a hotel and internet, I would fall asleep. It is very hard to forget what happened though, especially with all the video that I am going through right now, so check it out, a Music Adventure part II, a spur of the moment 1 1/2 month long tour to bring us back to the West Coast, starting in Perry, OK…Home of the Ditch Witch.

We had 3 days off to drive a couple hundred miles, and we were definitely not spending it in Oklahoma City seeing as it was the only place on the whole entire tour we were pulled over and fucked with for being from Oregon, remember the 36 hour drive to Wisconsin from Albuquerque? About an hour north of OK City is a nice little town called Perry, OK. It has a population of about 200 people, their Wal-Mart resembles a 7-11, but they have a Holiday Inn Express. They are also very proud of the fact that Ditch Witch trenchers are built there, trust me, if I wasn’t so tired, I would have went on a factory tour.

We told ourselves we needed the couple days to get organized, fix broken shit, you know, catch up on things. All we ended up getting out of this 3 day vacation was me with a broken phone and about 72 hours of sleep. I stood up with my phone on my lap, it fell to the asphalt and shattered the screen right as we were leaving the hotel, what a way to start out the new tour, all in a small town where their understanding of an Apple store is that place up the road that sells farm fresh produce.

3 hours up the road to Kansas City, KS, about 2:45 into the drive I pass some white signs on the road that appear to be road construction signs. The signs read “drug inspection ahead” followed by “drug dogs in use”, knowing that we have a “dirty” pipe on board and some grass I start hitting the roof of the van “EAT THE WEED EAT THE WEED, PUT THE PIPE IN THE PEANUT BUTTER”, Dano is drifted away in la la land with his headphones on and has no idea what is happening so Wassus slithers into the back to get ready to eat the weed. Luckily they were busy with about 4 other vehicles and the cop behind me pulled off after a mile, but nonetheless it was a close call, fuck that shit!

Another 5 miles later we pulled off to get some supplies, and find a new phone for me. Come to find out even with the insurance I have it was $300 for a new iPhone 3 which they don’t have, and with a service upgrade it was $300 for a new iPhone 4 which they don’t have. so begins the search for an iPhone 4, and you guessed it, there are none in Kansas. Matter of fact, no one could even tell me where one is, they said I would have to just try calling every store in every city I’m going to, so I decided to put the search on hold as it was a waste of time.

Checked into our hotel around 7PM right by the venue, went over and raged a Waffle House for the first time, it wasn’t bad, definitely better than cold cans of ravioli! We smoked the last bowl of weed and Dano stashed the pipe in some peanut butter, no more carrying weed!

Wed Aug 18, 2010 Kansas City, KS Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone

First day of Uproar for us, we got there early, a little too early, but too early is always better than too late. It was awesome seeing everyone that thought we had left and went home! We knew the demographic was way different for this festival and that people were not going to be as into the heavier shit. We still lined up as usual, quite a distance away from the line. People were glancing over at us like we were some 2 piece band in a mobile stage practicing in the corner, we couldn’t even give our shirts away, we finished up our set and went back over to park…Fuck.

It’s going to be a long fucking month and a half if it is like this every day, we need to find a way to get peoples attention better, we can’t just rip their heads off like we did on Mayhem, we need to find a way to be more…mainstream? No fuck that, we just need to be The Athiarchists, well figure out a way, we have 2 days to figure it out before the next show, lets just meet all the new bands and have a good fucking time!

There is always the ceremonious “Athiarchists during the bands for the bands initial show”. While Disturbed was playing we opened the doors and raged it for Hellyeah, Airbourne, New Medicine, and Hail the Villain. They had no idea what it was, and enjoyed every fucking minute of it. I went to pull out of the parking lot afterwords and a cop alerted me that one of my headlights was out, looks like were staying here all night, I stopped by the Hellyeah production party for a few minutes then went and passed out, those guys know how to fucking BBQ.

I woke up to some noise out on what we call the “back porch”, it is the little ledge on top of the back bumper of the U-haul. I thought it was 4 or 5 in the morning since I still heard people talking. It was 8:30AM and Dano, Wassus, and 3 dudes from Airbourne were sitting in a fucking pile of 4 bottles of Jager, and about 35 beers…PARTY! If this is any indication of what the rest of the tour is going to be like, then it will be just like Mayhem!

I passed out for another hour, woke up, went to Wal-Mart, replaced the light, and headed to Omaha, NE for the next show. At a gas station outside Omaha I called the Apple store and they had an iPhone 4 for me, fuck yeah! I drove 25 miles through the entire city to get it, but man it felt so good having a phone that worked!! We went to check into the same hotel the tour was in at the Doubletree in Downtown Omaha and it was an absolute clusterfuck. Do not ever try to stay downtown when you have a mobile stage, it is just pointless, there is no room to park. We went back over to Council Bluffs, IA and stayed at the same hotel as the Jager Stage, there was plenty of room to park, and good friends to hang out with, the hotel was also $127 cheaper as well.

Fri Aug 20, 2010 Omaha, NE WestFair Amphitheatre

So this show was actually not in Omaha, NE, it was in Council Bluffs, IA, the same place we stayed at. The website had the wrong address on it so we drove from Council Bluffs, into downtown Omaha at rush hour morning traffic, only to find out we had to go back to Council Bluffs, then another 5 miles northeast to the venue…An interesting drive to say the least.

I have heard a lot about Iowa police and was not particularly stoked on dealing with them at this venue. They were fucking pricks, but what else is new. They had motorhomes and motor carts and segways and were running around yelling at everyone for no reason at all.

We decided to use all of this free Rockstar Energy Drink that we had to entice people to guess what was inside the mobile stage before we played. If you guess it right you get free rockstar, all anyone guessed was more rockstar, come on get more original people! One or two people said “drums” or “guitars” but either way everyone was excited to see what was inside.

We opened the doors and raged it, its a mobile stage!! Everyone ran up to get more rockstar, and this show was way more a success than the one before. We got rid of a lot of fliers, sold a couple hundred in shirts and CD’s. After the show Wassus decided that it was time to head home, and was going to have to take a train back after the Chicago show tomorrow, so its going to be back to los dos amigos, were going to miss you Wassus!

It was Dimebag’s birthday and the Dimebag Hardware bus showed up half way through the show. Everyone wanted to drink blacktooths all night, but knowing I had an 8 hour drive decided to pass out and wake up at 2:30AM to head out, wake me up if you don’t see me by 3 Dano, alright. I wake up at 5:25 to Dano and Wassus blasting through the back door completely wasted. SHIT I slept through my phone alarm and my reliable backup Dano decided to party another couple hours after the buses left, there were sleeping bags all over the place, empty bottles of Jager…what the fuck happened. I let them both know that we are barely going to make it to the next show in time to play at this point, get in go to sleep and let me work my magic.

Fucking Iowa, weird fucking state, I left at 5:28AM and it was really foggy, to help navigation the Iowa state highway sign is a question mark, confusing fucking shit for a confusing fucking state. Hammer down down the 80, fueling up at the worlds largest truck stop, waiting for the next random drug checkpoint, staying awake on energy drinks. We made it to Tinley Park, IL in time to rage, it was awesome returning to an amphitheater we had been to just a month earlier!

Sat Aug 21, 2010 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

We knew exactly where to set up and rage it seeing as we were already here once before. The response was awesome and we had a lot of people coming up saying they saw us at Mayhem. We handed out a fuckload of flyers at this show, Chicago is really a cool group of people and we hope to return there soon!

Seeing as I pretty much stayed up all night driving and Wassus was leaving in the morning we decided to leave right after playing before doors to get a hotel and sleep all day. I though we would save money on a cab for Wassus by going to South Chicago and staying there. Warning, don’t go to South Chicago.

I should have known by the GPS only having hotels called “Grand Inn”, “2nd street motel”, “motor inn south chicago”, etc… That it was a shitty part of town, I swear we pulled into a neighborhood that looked like something off of Menace II Society. Fuck this guys, were driving south another 5 miles to a Red Roof Inn that’s next to a Motel 6, it looked good by the freeway. Pulled in, parked, and checked in, then found out we were the only white people in the entire area. I have never felt so out of place in my entire life, people were talking shit about my punk rock ass wearing yellow shorts, flip flops, and a rockstar hat, but I knew I couldn’t say anything back or I would probably be shot. I also saw all them scoping out the $40,000 worth of shit sitting in a $1,700 box van sitting in the parking lot. Fuck this place, fuck sleep, Wassus heres $100 for a cab, when we leave lock the door, and try not to be shot. Dano returns from walking half a mile to get cigarettes, tells some story about how he almost got jacked by some boy scouts asking for donation money.

Of course the GPS sends us 3 miles through the depths of “the hood”, we stopped at a train crossing and waited for the train to clear, while 3 homeless looking dudes walked up to us like they were going to take our shit asking only for money, beer, or cigarettes. We hit the freeway and drove 4 hours to Toledo, OH, camped out at a truck stop for a good 3 1/2 hours, damn it feels to be out of the ghetto, I hope Wassus makes it to the train station in the morning!

Woke up and raged the other 4 1/2 hours to Buffalo, NY. Driving through Niagra Falls it decided to rain really fucking hard. At the same time the windshield wipers decided they were not going to work anymore. I was hanging out the window driving down the freeway wiping the windshield with my left hand, wishing I had put Rain-X on the front windshield. Somewhere in the next 15 minutes it stopped raining, everything was dry, and out of nowhere, the windshield wipers decided to work again, THANKS!

Again, thank you GPS, what the fuck? Sent me down 15 miles of city and small town driving, then take a left at the middle of nowhere, drive 10 miles to destination, 2 miles south of a major freeway to the north, FUCK YOU!

Sun Aug 22, 2010 Buffalo, NY Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Where the fuck is the venue? All I see is a 6 Flags. Oh the venue is in the 6 flags, how convenient! Along with this news I also receive the news that we get into 6 Flags for free with our credentials, PARTY!

We met up with security and were lined up on where we were supposed to rage it, pulled around just in time to rage it for 20 minutes, close the door and go park. It was a fucking RAGER! HAHA I had to say it at least once in this Uproar update. It was an awesome time, great location, from here on out the video sucks until the LA show because we have no one to hold the camera.

I ran right over to Six Flags and rode enough rollercoasters to get sick and pass out. I woke up to Dano telling me production wanted us to play the afterparty tonight, FUCK YEAH! This is what I have been waiting for the whole time, and it is going to rage. We pulled around the back and parked, it was raining, and a lot of people were wondering what the fuck a taco truck was doing by the production party area. We opened the door and played the fucking set of our lives! 45 minutes plus 2 more songs, it was so fucking epic! Again it is truly inspiring to have people you grew up listening to buying shirts and CD’s from you, the support they gave us was incredible! We made a lot of new friends this night, then packed it up and headed up the road to the truck stop to sleep.

Day off so we got to Columbus early because I needed to get some stuff to change the oil as well as go to Guitar Center and find some strings. Ran into Halestorm at Guitar Center which was pretty awesome, they are all so fucking cool! Then over to the Staybridge Suites by the airport to hang out with some of our good friends working on the Jager Stage. If you ever have the opportunity to stay at a Staybrige, do it, they have free continental dinner, with free alcohol, as well as anything else you can think of. It was the nicest, cheapest hotel we hit on the entire tour!

Tue Aug 24, 2010 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion / Nationwide Arena

OK today is going to be fucked up, it is in 2 different locations, there is no Jager stage, there is nowhere to park, fuck…We found an awesome parking spot and went to meet with security to see what was up with playing. They told us we could play in between all the 2nd stage bands while everyone walks over to the main stage area, sweet! Hellyeah finished up and we started raging it, had a pretty good mosh going on for our location, we fucking RAGED it! Our good friend Courtney showed up and videoed for us, then we hung out in the parking lot for the rest of the evening. Changed the oil on the rig, which was an awesome idea, it had been a few miles since the last change.

Two days off before the next show in PA, we do not have passports and can not go to Canada at this time, not that they would even let an oversized taco truck with a PA in, so well just take the day off. What a BITCH of a drive it was to PA, I did not know the show in Scranton was at a fucking ski resort, which means there are a lot of hills to climb. I will say though that the drive across PA was absolutely beautiful, a lot of trees, and no signs of logging makes for a spectacular view! Pulled into a truck stop outside of Scranton to pass out for a few hours before finishing the climb to Scranton.

Pulled up the steepest hill I have ever seen before to the Guitar Center parking lot, had to reload on some supplies once again. We met this chick at Guitar Center that was stoked we were doing the tour, and was going to hook us up with some “bomb ass weed” later that night, sweet! Dano has been on me the whole trip to get one of those “room savers” rooms from the papers they have a the truck stops. We checked into a $28 room in the only shitty part of a pretty nice town, it’s going to be a long night!

Dano passes out and I order pizza, pizza shows up Dano wakes up, then Dano walks a mile and a half to the nearest Amish country store, Stangies, comes back with 3 cases of some weird looking beer wrapped in his sweatshirt. Apparently it is illegal to walk out of the store with more than one case of beer in Amish country, note to self…

While he was gone our friend from Guitar Center called and was going to bring by some “bomb ass weed”, so we were all stoked. Our new friend and her other friend, looking suspiciously like off duty stippers roll into our shady fucking hotel room and let us know right off the bat “hey this is the same hotel all the hookers from our work bring their clients”, that explains a whole fuck of a lot seeing as every 30 min we hear someone get slammed against the wall a few doors down, either a pimp roughing up some client, or some shady whore, you know, your typical every day shit in Scranton PA!

Dano want to go grab the pipe out of the peanut butter. Sure. Did you put the pipe in cellophane before submerging it in peanut butter? Ummm, no. So now Dano is in the bathroom cleaning JIF extra chunky off the weed pipe, haha party!! Well we have definitely seen this “bomb ass weed” before, it is Mexican brick weed you stupid bitch! What are the seeds extra? There is nothing bomb about this weed, this is “ass weed” but it is all we got so thank you, and we will see you at the show tomorrow. This was night #1 of Aaron drinking on the tour, cheap beer, cheap pizza, a lower intestine nightmare the next morning, fuck beer and pizza!

Fri Aug 27, 2010 Scranton, PA Montage Mountian Amphitheatre

I was fairly stoked about this show seeing as it was at a ski resort, never played at a ski resort before but have always wanted to. Wide open parking lot and a great location to rage it, my guitar amp is sounding like shit right now though, but fuck it, I played on the Jager stage with it sounding like shit, and it worked, so shit plus anything is better than shit right? This was also the first day we were supposed to be running the Hatewear tent, but due to times and everything we were not able to start it until the next show. Another Hellyeah party tonight, fuckloads of alcohol and such, you know, a good old Amish country rager!

Dano decides we should do a headlight taillight check before we leave. We find out that there are no tail lights or blinkers…party! Fuck it, the pipe is back in the peanut butter, with cellophane around it, we are out of weed, lets do this.

Off to the nearest truck stop for a couple hours of sleep. Then over to Saratoga Springs, NY for the next show. The drive was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, quite a few hills, but definitely less construction so that is always a plus. The roads are starting to get crazy, there are a lot of lanes, a lot of toll roads, and a lot of traffic!

Sat Aug 28, 2010 Saratoga Springs, NY Saratoga Performing Arts Center

From a venue at a ski resort to a venue hidden in the middle of a national park, this one was weird. At this point finding the place to park every day is a guessing game, followed by a lot of turning around and going other places. Well today we guessed the right entrance for the line show, but the wrong entrance for loading in 14 boxes of Hatewear merch with no cart. One box at a time we took on the mile long adventure, but hey, live and learn, now we know to park first, load in merch, then park again…party!

We set up the Hatewear booth, made it back out just in time to play a very up close and personal line show. It is always fun doing these, because as the line moves, more people see, and people that were watching have to move forward and cannot see anymore, every day is different, every day is an adventure!

As soon as we finished up, Dano heads in to man the booth, and I go park the rig. We ran the booth all day until the end of Disturbed, then packed it up and were ready to leave, driving all night to the next venue. This is pretty much how an average day goes at this point, very little sleep, and a lot of fucking hard work, this tour honestly is the most physically demanding thing I have ever done in my life, it all seems like really cool easy shit, but put it all together, take out the sleep and no weed, its a bitch, so those of you that sit back and say “just because they built a mobile stage” do not understand, were doing this because we love doing this shit, and if you do not enjoy this shit, or you are trying to make a fuckload of money or fame off of it can fuck off, because this is music, this is life, this is the life of music!

The roads from Saratoga to Holmdel progressively got weirder, bigger, more expensive, and the GPS was NOT FUCKING HELPING. It sent me down some fucking turnpike that said no vehicles over 3.5 tons, and I am registered at 9 tons. But by the point you see the sign you are already 25 miles down some other turnpike, so you can’t turn around. The definition of turnpike is “expensive road to drive on with more than 4 wheels”.

More lanes kept adding on and the culmination of the whole fucking drive came right at the end with a 17 lane highway toll booth, the guy at the toll booth tried to help me by telling me where to go to find the PNC Bank Center but I was still way lost, running on no sleep, there were parallel freeways that had certain exits on them and somehow I picked the right one, rolled right off the turnpike into the parking lot, parked, and slept for 2 hours.

Sun Aug 29, 2010 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center

Woke up at 11:45, met up to find the location of the merch booth, loaded in the merch booth, pulled around and played for the front of the line. Today there was a radio station in our way, and it is always funny when the radio station is there because they always seem pissed off, like some mobile stage playing over their live broadcast fucks them up or something?

Ran the booth all day and it fucking sucked, we had a horrible spot and very little traffic, it was hot as fuck and everyone seemed pissed off, but we were there. Loaded the shit out at the end of Distrubed and went to the afterparty. Dano got tore the fuck up and had an awesome fucking time, every time I pass out and Dano rages it he has some crazy fucking story of shit that happened that I can not even write about here, it is truly amazing!

Returning to another amphitheater for the second time on the same tour, always stoked to do this. I also like arriving a day early and getting a hotel so I can sleep and catch the camera up with the computer. The hotel was infested with roaches, it was a true roach hotel, but fuck it, it had air conditioning!

Tue Aug 31, 2010 Washington, DC Jiffy Lube Live

Nothing too eventful happened today, pretty much same shit as the other days. It was a fairly short drive to Charlotte, NC, yet still an all night drive. It always fucking sucks to roll into big cities at morning rush hour traffic after driving all night. Here you are all tired and strung out, driving 60 the whole way, then 7 miles from your exit traffic…..fucking…….stops. Whenever I stop after driving all night, the road keeps moving, but the cars don’t, it is like when you play Guitar Hero and everything is all wavy, it is like an acid trip.

Wed Sept 1, 2010 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

No merch booth today because we were waiting to have more shirts shipped to us. It was hot as fuck and there was some hurricane coming in. So everyone recommended us to leave early, but I was tired, so I passed out in the back of the Dimebag Hardware bus for a few hours. Dano woke me up with some catering and we left for Birmingham.

I was stoked to find a cheap hotel next to the tour hotel, especially because I know the tour hotels are always in nice parts of town, and I heard Birmingham is a pretty rough place. We were at a Drury Inn, another fine hotel that offers free continental dinner with free drinks. I decided to take my 3 shots of well whiskey and pass out, night #2 of Aaron drinking again.

Fri Sept 3, 2010 Birmingham, AL Verizon Wireless Music Center

I have never been to a venue where the police actually walk around inside with drug dogs. What a fucking trip. We hear the news first thing in the morning that Hellyeah wants us to play their production afterparty, fucking stoked! Found out merch booth location, loaded in merch booth, played in front of doors, came in ran merch booth, then found out that someone broke into our house and stole a bunch of shit. This especially helped for the production afterparty that was about to take place, this set will be the end of our lives, were going to fucking rage it, and fuck tweekers in other bands that break into your house when you are gone and steal your shit, especially when it is not your shit because all your shit is in a mobile stage, it is someone else’s shit that isn’t even yours, fuck life!

45 minutes of me beating my head against the steel door, the both of us raging it harder than we ever have in our lives, it was a truly epic moment, that was not even caught on video tape, it was one of those moments meant for the 150 people standing there drinking tequila eating carne asada, EPIC!

Talk to everyone for a couple hours then bus call, 120 miles to Atlanta, a nice short drive. As soon as I hit the freeway I knew I should probably sleep, I had beaten myself up so bad during the set that I was driving off the road and missing exits, sleep was in order, truck stop for a good 4 hour nap. Finished the drive to Atlanta, another return visit, stoked, hopefully its cooler this time!

Sat Sept 4, 2010 Atlanta, GA Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood

Same shit different day, I hate to say it that way, but I also hate to write the same thing every time, you know how it goes by now. As much as we really wanted to return to Tampa, FL because it was the same place we played on the Jager stage, it cuts 16 hours out of the drive to not do it, and even though we were doing pretty well financially at this point, made more sense to head west seeing as the U-Haul was not running very well.

We returned to the same hotel in Birmingham because it was in a nice part of town, plus I wanted the free food and drinks. Took my 3 free well shots, then walked across the street to the Tilted Kilt with Dano for another 8 shots of Jack, night #3 of Aaron drinking again…PARTY!

I lasted a couple hours, picked up some to go orders of chips and fries and headed back to the room. Drove about 16 hours the next day, slept at a truck stop, landed outside Tulsa, OK after a bunch of turnpike bullshit. Pretty nice hotel for a Super 8, the chick that checked us in was really cool, until Dano pulled some massage:30 shit right after we got there? Dont ask.

Wed Sept 8, 2010 Tulsa, OK BOK Center

Rain, tornadoes, rain, wind, rain, welcome to Tulsa! No show before the line today and no merch tent, the setup is just crazy today, time to change the oil again! Hey we need power steering fluid, the GPS says there is an auto parts store a mile away, want to go for a walk? We start walking and it starts raining hard! Come to find out there IS no auto parts store a mile away, it is 3 miles away. Luckily these really cool dudes with a truck pulled up and gave us a ride the rest of the way, which saved our fucking asses because it would have been 7 hours of walking, in the rain.

Tuned the truck all up and I am always stoked when that happens. It runs so much better when you change the oil. Dano decided today that he would drink an entire bottle of Jager in two mixed drinks…PARTY! End of the night Airbourne was golfing and jamming out in the conference center, Dano was swimming around on the ground…time to leave!

I have drove through some pretty crazy shit, but when an 18,000 pound vehicle is hydroplaning it is time to stop. Passed out at a rest area until sunrise and surprisingly enough it had stopped raining. Down the turnpike we go to Dallas, TX, stop at another rest area for some more sleep for tonight is the Hellyeah party at Vinnie Paul’s clubhouse!

We walk upstairs to the Uproar Festival area of the Clubhouse to find about 900 beers on ice, 30 bottles of Jager, whiskey, tequila, carne asada…Night #4 of Aaron drinking again! I was having an unbelievably good time, but also knew if I didn’t sleep that the all night drive the next night would suck, so at about midnight I checked in to the U-Haul for some sleep.

I woke up around 8AM and needed to take a shit. Upon opening the door I see Dano in the distance drinking with someone. I walked over to him, typical last man standing style he said something to me. He’s standing there finishing the last warm Natural Ice with Sean from Stone Sour, somehow had him convinced into sleeping in the U-Haul since he missed his bus, but I don’t think Sean knew it was a sauna in there, so he grabbed a cab and returned to the tour hotel. Sometime in the next 2 minutes Dano disappeared to puke into a storm drain, 2 minutes after that, I dissappear to take a shit in the same storm drain…works better than a garbage can full of fire ants?

Fri Sept 10, 2010 Dallas, TX Cente

More sleep, more shit, hello Center! Drink Ticket Dano was very hung over today, he woke up at some point and passed out in the VIP lounge that was not even open. Set up the merch booth, raged it for the line, ran the booth all day, all night hungover drive to Corpus Christi…YEAHH.

Typical all night drive, passed out at a truck stop for a couple hours, it was humid as fuck, hot as fuck, I was sweaty as fuck, unshowered, I fucking love the road! Corpus Christi is quite a site to see when you drive in there, oil refinery’s everywhere, nice looking buildings, but this venue was in “the hood”.

Sat Sept 11, 2010 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amphitheater

Very very interesting amphitheater, it is in an old concrete plant, so you walk around on all this cracked old concrete, it feels like you are in some weird video game. Once again no Jager Stage. Hot hot hot hot hot humid day it was today, very little sleep, very tired, fuck life! After Disturbed we packed up and went over to see what Hellyeah was up to. Chad and Marcus wanted to take some whiskey shots and how could I say no, night #5 of Aaron drinking again. Then we rolled over to the production party for a while. I passed out after having to climb over a barbed wire fence, same goes for Dano later. I missed my fucking phone alarm and woke up at 8AM, giving us 4 hours to drive 4 hours to Houston…FUCK.

Sun Sept 12, 2010 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Fueled up, hammer down, called to say we were going to be late, showed up, no line show today because of insurance, set up the merch booth, ran the merch booth, then packed it up, this was our last night on the tour for a few days. Were not doing the Colorado or Utah dates because I really did not want the mobile stage to break down in the rocky mountains, fuck that.

We shot across to some town in the middle nowhere, TX. Checked into a Holiday Inn Express and went to Cracker Barrel for the first time, not bad shit, another place I have passed 100,000 times and never stopped at. Tried to catch up on the computer but decided to sleep instead, there is a 16 hour drive tomorrow to Phoenix, AZ, but one of the last big drives of the tour!

We made it to AZ sometime around 11PM and I promptly went to sleep. Slept most of the next day, went outside around 5PM and it was 120 degrees out. This was the day we put all the vinyl on the U-Haul, it was a BITCH in the heat, we did the best we could for the conditions we were given, and really it fit the U-Haul quite nicely!

Left at 9PM for an all night drive to San Pedro, CA to pick up Big Lav! Fucking stoked that he made it down for the last few shows. Originally he was going to come on the whole tour but had to have surgery and was unable to go. It was kind of like Leutennant Dan in Apollo 13, he sat home at mission control the whole time, so getting to have him come out and make everything sound perfect was fucking awesome!

LA was a bitch of a drive in morning rush hour, in a taco truck with a PA. We picked up Mike sometime around 5AM and headed over to Irvine before traffic got too bad. We also have found out that the day after Irvine, at the San Diego show we will be playing under the Metal Mulisha while they jump over the top of us, time to get this shit sounding good!!

Fri Sept 17, 2010 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Fuck sleep, sleep is over rated, stayed up all morning with Mike and we ate breakfast at Del Taco, Dano was still sleeping so I got him 30 tacos to go, which he ate all of them. We set up in kind of a Cracker Jack location, but it didn’t really matter because we mainly just wanted to get shit sounding good today, tomorrow is where the real magic needs to happen!

Showed Mike the ropes on all the merch booth business, which isn’t much. Now that we are on the west coast there is good weed everywhere so life is good! This venue was fucking huge and we were parked out in the front lot, so there was definitely a lot of walking going on. Loaded back up and headed for San Diego after the partying was over, lets find a Wal Mart.

Drove to 2 different locations where there was supposed to be a 24 hour wal mart and none of them were open, fuck life! Ended up at a supposed supercenter in San Diego, which wasn’t a supercenter so there was no grocery store, so we loaded up on cereal, milk, water, and rice pudding, then drove the other 20 miles down to the venue. I LOVE showing up early enough to sleep 4 hours at the venue before waking up and not having to drive anywhere, it is awesome!

Sat Sept 18, 2010 San Diego, CA Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

Today was a merch booth nightmare, seeing as we were playing 4 sets during the day under the Metal Mulisha. We ended up having to put the booth in the festival area so we could be there quicker after playing. We parked right behind the take off ramp, threw a bunch of Metal Mulisha stickers on the van and were ready to rage!

Nothing is fucking cooler than smelling exhaust and watching people doing crazy shit on motorcycles over the top of you while you play music for 10,000 people, it was fucking EPIC! Mike was all worried about getting run over so he talked to the riders beforehand to get the down-low. Sure as shit second song in Mike blindly jumps out of the van and runs right into the side of Jimmy Hill, I watched the whole fucking thing go down, and it could have been a lot worse, but since no one was hurt and everyone was happy, it was funny, haha, once bitten twice shy!

Afterwords was a Stone Sour party, and let me tell you what, that one man DJ was awesome, he should do that for a living! Lots of chicken, lots of booze, lots of weed, it was a good time, and I for some reason passed out way early, I think I was tired or something? I woke up in the morning to hearing a vehicle idling, I figured it was time to leave, I come out to find Dano saying we are completely locked in, and the vehicle that was idling was our friend Shane in the Metal Mulisha ramp.

The 3 of us walk around and see we are totally locked in, right about the time we are thinking of getting out the grinding wheel and a generator, some dudes show up that need to get in to the amphitheater, in the time we walked up there to say whatsup, they had broken the chain off with a sledge hammer, and were already in the gate, thank you…PARTY!

We were thinking about going camping on the beach because we had 2 days to drive 140 miles. Shane was thinking the same thing, so we all went camping on the beach, after driving to 3 beaches that were closed down. It really puts some confidence in me following around a 60 foot semi and trailer motorcycle landing ramp, it makes the U-Haul feel small, and easy to manuver.

We made a few stops in LA the next day then went up to Shane’s to fucking party! I had a half gallon of whiskey, night #6 of Aaron drinking again. Party fucking time! Fuck, these guys know how to party. Woke up at 5AM, walked to Jack in the Box to take a shit, then back to sleep. Ate some breakfast and headed to Bakersfield…YEAHH!

Tue Sept 21, 2010 Bakersfield, CA Rabobank Arena

I’m glad we skipped Phoenix, because the whole tour was blacklisted at the border and they had drug dogs fucking peoples world up, part of the reason we are building a “drug free” mobile stage this winter, that shit is stressful!

We rolled up to Robocop arena around 12, found our air conditioned merch location inside the pavillion, which was nice. Today they were talking about having us play next to the Rockstar tent in between bands. So we rolled up still in the parking lot, on the other side of the caution tape, and raged 6 sets between every band, it was fucking AWESEOME! Mike got some good video of this one and I can’t wait to see it, it was like one epic moment the day before, followed by this epic moment today, we were In This Epic Moment!

We always say were going to leave early then end up being the last to leave. We left around 2AM and headed north. At first it felt good to head west, now it feels good to head north, every mile we are going is one mile less that we will need towed when this thing blows up, another reason why we are building a newer, more reliable mobile stage.

Stopped by our good friend Brent from Better Left Unsaid’s house in Modesto to say whatsup at 5 in the morning, him and Emily talked me into sleeping for a few hours, which was a good idea, I was pretty tired.

Wed Sept 22, 2010 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre

Rolled up to Sacramento, got there a little late, but fuck it, we made it in time. Set up the merch tent and went and raged a very up close and personal line show, it is always fun going to amphitheaters where we have been shut down in the past. It was a pretty hot day, and everyone was fairly partied out. We loaded out the merch tent and Mike cooked up some hot dogs, I ate some hot dogs and passed right out, woke up at 2:30AM and drove to the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning.

The only thing that wakes me up in the morning is Mike saying…yeah. I woke up to that at about 10AM at the Casino, Dano rolled out a minute later and we went in and attacked the casino buffet, it was a very epic meal!

Headed straight north to Eugene, we skipped the Spokane show because it has some really nasty hillclimbs, remember back at the very beginning when we ran out of gas on the hill? That was Spokane, the hill was so steep it made the van run out of gas, and probably made the motor blow up, fuck the drive to spokane!

Stopped by Mission Control Corporate U-Haul Hangar for about 18 hours and slept, then woke up and headed to Vancouver, WA where we were going to play a show in front of our friends clothing store Rebel Row.

It is pretty crazy that for the last 3 months we have been playing shows with permission, there is no adrenaline rush every day of breaking the law, or doing what we aren’t supposed to be doing, it is far from dull, but it is also far from what we are used to doing. So we were headed up to play in the middle of the street, with no permits. We raged it for 45 minutes and stopped on our own, everyone around there was stoked, no one called the cops, it was fucking amazing!

After that we had some time to get to Auburn, so we stayed and hung out at Shannahan’s right up the street. Mike was introduced to how Vancouver knows how to party! I passed out around 10 or so, woke up at 3:30 to 2 completely wasted dudes coming in the van, then drove to Auburn, and slept some more.

Sat Sept 25, 2010 Seattle, WA White River Amphitheatre

This venue in particular we have played the parking lot 6 times, and been shut down 3 times, so it is a true epic moment to have permission to do this, seeing a lot of the same people that shut us down before. We even played in the same spot we always play in, instead of by the front door, essentially the entire tour for us this summer started here, without permission, and now it ends here, with permission.

This is it, the last show of the tour, and not just of the current tour, but of the Music Adventure. We started this off thinking it was going to take 2 weeks and we have been gone for 3 months. We have been places in a beat up old taco truck with a PA that we never would have thought we would ever be in a regular vehicle. We have experienced more in 3 months than can even be explained in a blog.

It was hard tracking everyone down and saying goodbye to all the people we have seen every day for 3 months, it is near impossible, all I know is that I will see them all at some point down the line. To help with the process, I decided to drink a quarter gallon of Jim Beam Black whiskey and parade through production with a glass of whiskey on ice, an open jar of weed, and me saying, who wants some weed, shot of whiskey? Night #7 of Aaron drinking…

We returned home the next night, pulled right down Broadway in Eugene, Mike behind the wheel, door open playing Sheep, smoke bellowing out like the van is on fire, stopped in front of John Henry’s with hazard lights on, played for 2 minutes, shut the door, parked the van, went in and got wasted, night #8 of Aaron drinking again, I thought it would feel good to be home again, instead I feel like I’m not doing something that I should be doing, I think I will sleep in the U-Haul tonight to maintain continuity, music is a hell of a drug!


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