Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

The most massive update of all time

So I’m going to start by saying I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing on here much lately. We have been busier than we could have ever imagined. On the last day of Mayhem they asked us if we wanted to do the same with the Uproar Festival starting 2 days later and of course we responded with “fuck yes.” So here we are, in Scranton, PA, in a vehicle that is duct taped and zip tied together, with 250,000 miles on it, having gone 25,000 miles in a little under a month and a half, this shit is AWESOME! So I am going to write in all the dates from where we last left off, giving a little update of how the show went and what happened in between.

MAYHEM Noblesville, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center Sat Jul 31

Its always interesting how Google Maps translates to real life. This drive was supposed to take a few hours, but seemed like it took about 6. We arrived at about 7AM, it was raining and the sun was starting to come up. Wassus and Dano didn’t make it out of the parking lot before passing out. Infact they were not even awake when I dropped Jasta off at the Cracker Barrel. They always tell me the same thing “yeah when I was a kid my parents drove me around to make me sleep, so now I fall asleep whenever someone is driving”, I say “could it have been all the alcohol you consumed before we left? Nah, I’ll go with whatever you say!” I crawled into the back to sleep for an hour and a half before we had to wake up and see what the deal was with where we were going to play.

It was muddy as fuck all over the place, but mud and rain doesn’t stop the tour, and it sure as fuck doesn’t stop the people from raging it. Lightning on the other hand will stop the show, or at least delay it, but we hadn’t seen that happen at this time. We had our morning meeting and were given the location of where we should rage it, and drove around out front, kind of distant from the line at this show, but every day is different, and that is what makes it a MUSIC ADVENTURE. We were right in the middle of the turn around, where cars were dropping people off, and every single car that came around was like WTF?! Security came by and tried to shut us down, mid song I turn around and grabbed these flashy credentials the tour gave us and they quickly turned around understanding that we had permission.

When the raging was finished we pulled back around by the bands to park. We helped Jasta out with some signings for a few hours then I thought I would catch a few more hours of sleep because we had a long drive to Atlanta overnight. No sooner than I closed my eyes the door opened with Dano saying “hey do you want to go to the store and get a cake and some Jameson?” Me being the kind person I am willing to do anything for any band that needs anything reply with “sure thing.” So here I go on a 3 hour mission looking for a birthday cake and some Jameson, only to end up at a Wal Mart that was not on the GPS 3 miles away, that had Cake and Jameson, FUCK LIFE! Upon returning I agreed to help Jamey and Randy with another signing about an hour later. By now I have realized that I am not going to sleep at all…Again….For like the 10th time on this tour, but that is what DEDICATION is, fuck sleep, you get plenty of that when you are dead.

Even knowing that “bus call” was at 11PM Dano was nowhere to be found at 11PM. I watched the last parking lot bus (3IOB) leave the parking lot sitting there thinking to myself “if we don’t leave in the next 30 minutes, we are not going to make the 10 hour drive to Atlanta, GA before doors open(I always allow at least 30 minutes for each fuel stop and another 2 hours for fucked up shit happening). He is cutting into my fucked up shit happening time! Wassus decides to go find him, somehow finds him in the back of the amphitheater and says “AARON IS PISSED”, which seems to be the one thing on this tour that gets everyone to shut the fuck up and get in the van, but hey, whatever works right?

3 and a half hours of flat roads and no problems at all. Then all of a sudden I am on the phone with Brent Terry and he lets me know that there are quite a few hills to climb, no sooner than he said that we hit a hill, the engine bogged down, the check engine light came on, and I pulled off at a rest area. The shadiest sketchiest rest area you could ever imagine. It was like some 1930’s colonial home that actually had some weird amish dude living in it that just stood there. Outside it was 3AM and very dark, I felt like at any moment someone was going to hop out of a bush and rape me. I began to feel worried when Wassus didn’t come out for 15 minutes, and when he did come out he said “wow they had some neat things in there”. Glad you are the adventure type at sketchy rest areas, I on the other hand am not. Back to the freeway.

4 more hours of having to trick the U-haul into thinking it wasn’t on a hill, which isn’t easy. Then the final straw was on the steepest hill of the entire drive close to the Georgia border, right around sunrise the van lost all power, the check engine light was on, it was like we were out of gas, but we had a full tank, so I limped into the next rest area, which was 1 mile ahead luckily. Still thinking that it was a heat related problem, which it wasn’t, I waited another 30 minutes then left again, where it promptly did the same thing again. Refer back to the “fucked up shit happening” time allotment. I’m thinking that it needs to cool down for a couple hours, so I let the two know that are in the hotel that apparently is in the back of the van, that were going to be waiting a couple hours. It feels so fucking good to sleep, and nothing feels worse than waking up to an alarm 2 hours later knowing you have to drive a vehicle that is not really working, FUCK LIFE.

HAMMER FUCKING DOWN! Fuck this goddamn motor, were getting to Atlanta, of all the shows we need to make it to, this one is it because our friends Mobile Deathcamp are opening. Failure is not an option, were getting there, and get there we did. Up hills and down hills then back up hills and down them again, then more hills, 50MPH speed limit, fuck that, were going 70, EAST BOUND AND DOWN!! Rolled into the parking lot shortly after 12PM, 45 minutes before we need to play, thats whats up!

MAYHEM Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre Sun Aug 1

We promptly ran in and let everyone know we made it, at this point everyone was pulling for us to make it to the next show because they knew our vehicle was not running well at all. Nothing feels better than this moment, this is the only stress free moment of my day, when I know we made it, and it only lasts until after we play, when I already have to start worrying about where we are going next, how long it’s going to take, and if we’ll make it there. It was hot as FUCK already and it was not even the hottest part of the day, they don’t call it HOTlanta for no reason at all.

We had a really nice spot right on the asphalt for this show, it fucking raged as always. I think the local radio station was pissed that we were there, like we were stepping on their toes or something but fuck them, if they want to be pissed at a band that showed up 30 minutes before doors, played, then left, then they can cry to themselves, with their shitty car stereo speakers playing top 40 tunes to people that have heard them all before, people were digging what we were doing, I mean we are a fucking taco truck with a PA, how can you hate on that?

The aftershow, oooohhhhhhh the aftershow, this was the start of the 2 day “The Athiarchists getting themselves in trouble tour”. It is just so fucking hard to not open the doors and play, no matter how late it is, when you have every member of all the 2nd and 3rd stage bands saying “COME ON FUCKING OPEN THE DOOR AND PLAY, FUCKING DO IT, WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT THEY THINK”. We actually didn’t get in “trouble” this night, but it did come to bite us in the ass in North Carolina. It was like getting an unwritten warning, these noise complaints are $2.500 a minute and they do not go directly to us, they go THROUGH the festival production and then hit us, so with that being said, here is the first show of “The Athiarchists getting themselves in trouble tour”.

Dano had been throwing back some mean ass cocktails Matt Byrne was making. Who knows what the fuck was in them, I didn’t have any, but Dano sure did! He had enough to puke for 5 minutes straight about half way through our set for the bands, it was AWESOME, Dano hasn’t puked for like 2 years, and they pushed him to puke, way to go! After a short moment of accomplishment we continued raging for another 2 songs then stopped, not knowing we had gotten a silent warning for playing so late at night.

Since we had a day off and the van was not running too well, we stayed in the parking lot overnight. I woke up at 7AM to a clean up worker telling us we needed to bounce. Fair enough, thank you for letting us stay here all night like it was a Wal Mart, because I sure as fuck was not looking forward to staying anywhere else in Atlanta, its a ROUGH fucking city. I received a call from one of our friends working for Harley/Silver Star, he found us a Fleetpride in North Carolina that could help us with our problem, which I had narrowed down to a fuel pump issue after scouring Google for an answer.

We limped our way up to North Carolina, the check engine light came on only a couple times surprisingly, which made me happy. the appointment was for 7:30 the next morning, so we got a hotel, some Hampton Inn shit, it was really expensive but I did not give a fuck, it was time to sleep in a good neighborhood and not worry about our shit being jacked. It was hard waking up at 7:30, even harder than me waking up is waking up Dano and Wassus, because they like staying up really late watching TV, I swear I am buying them both shocking alarm clocks, honestly I have tried waking them up so many times for free hot breakfast, they roll over, mumble some half hostile shit to me, then roll over and sleep more. Usually this doesn’t bother me because its just free hot breakfast, their loss, but we all need to leave now, and actually they did wake up fairly quickly, which surprised me.

$329 and 3 hours later the fuel pump was replaced. I figured I could have done it myself, but it would have cost half as much and taken twice as much time, kind of a trade off I wasn’t willing to take. We rolled up to the venue which was only 2 miles away, fucking convenient as hell, shit seems to be running really well, maybe it was the fuel pump that was the problem?

MAYHEM Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion Raleigh, NC Tue, August 3

At this point there is no real reason to explain the whole show to everyone, seeing as the videos are up and you can watch them for yourself. Every show is a fucking rager, it doesn’t matter who is there or what we are doing, were fucking raging it, so at least to me it gets kind of old to say “the show fucking raged” because they all did. Well the show fucking RAGED! We had a few people jump out of line and mosh. Then another 5000 people stood about 300 yards away in line scratching their heads, wondering what the fuck that taco truck with speakers was doing.

The daily routine is the same, rage it, help bands out with whatever they need, help Jamey and Randy with their signings, get really fucking tired by the end of the night, decide to not sleep at all, then drive to the next show to do it all over again, its what it takes, its what we have to do, it is why we are here.

Tonight is the night “The Athiarchists getting themselves in trouble” tour came to an end, this is the night they finally lined us up with our now good friend head of security, Joe, and told us to talk to him every day to know exactly when and where we can play. It is one step towards The Athiarchists following the rules. We love breaking the rules, but we also love everyone involved with this tour and we do not want to get anyone in trouble.

Around 12:30AM everyone was sauced up enough to say “FUCKING PLAY YOU PUSSIES, COME ON FUCK THEM, FUCKING OPEN THE DOOR AND PLAY, I WANT MY FRIENDS TO SEE!!” Allright allright, hey Dano lets rage it….FUCKING A! The door opens and we tear shit up for about 3 minutes and 26 seconds, in the middle of the second song Joe comes up and tells us we need to stop, so we did, we respect all security involved with this tour. 2 minutes later after the door was closed the police rolled by, then they rolled by again, then more rolled by. I think they half way expected a band to be set up in the parking lot, good thing we have a mobile stage that can disappear like it was never there 10 seconds after the music is done. Even with all this, after I passed out 20 minutes later, it didn’t stop Dano from allowing Jason Bitner to give him a private drum lesson, which was promptly stopped by our good buddy Sol about 6 minutes into it. Damn we sure know how to get in trouble!

Bus call 3AM, were out of here following Hatebreed’s bus, time to see how the van is going to run with a new fuel pump. Little did I know Virginia Beach is at sea level and somehow it is uphill the ENTIRE way. No shit, it was uphill from the time we hit the freeway until we reached Virginia Beach, the check engine light was glowing brightly but the motor was running well, IT WAS the fuel pump, fucking A it feels great to get something right. We pulled into a gas station about 3 hours up the road. Chimaira was there fueling up, and also switching around what the sign had to say, I don’t remember what it said, but it said something funny as fuck, and they changed the price on a carton of cigarettes to $7.45, I don’t know why that shit is funny, but I’m telling this story so it is!! I let them know we were going to pass out for a few hours since we were ahead of schedule and I was getting tired.

Woke up to my favorite thing in the world 2 hours later, the alarm on my phone, I fucking love that thing right! Finished the drive to Virginia Beach, called up Joe to line everything out for us and let us know what the noise curfews were. This is were we found out we were almost kicked off the tour because of what we did the night before. But everyone involved with the tour supported us and decided to give us another chance, and we thank you all for this!

MAYHEM Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater Wed, August 4

The show RAGED!!! Haha, well actually it did, and was was unique about this one is the Virginia Beach PD showed up half way through “fuck” and shut us down, they would not let us keep playing even with credentials. Talk about too many cowboys and not enough Indians, or however that one goes. We had to wait for them to contact the tour, and obviously they said it was alright. By now Wassus had everyone chanting “let them play, let them play” and the cops amazingly enough were really cool to us and let us keep playing. We threw out a bunch of free shit and had quite a few people jump out of line to get it.

(Insert typical Athiarchists day here)

Alright so we actually have permission to play tonight until 10:30, so around 10:00 during Korn’s set we raged it up. We played for about 30 minutes then stopped, and did our normal thing. Tonight is where we found out just how loud 10,000 watts of power coming through Cerwin Vega speakers in a parking really is. A few members of Norma Jean rolled up from a KFC that was 2 miles up the road and said they could hear us playing Slayer over the top of Korn on the main stage…FUCK YEAH!

We decided to skip the next two days in MI and PA because the drives were really long, and the van was not running well, so we spent the night in a Wal Mart parking lot after experiencing the truly epic Silverstar aftershow party and hula hooping with Rita on the video camera, good times with good friends and good people, see you in a few days!!

The next night we thought we would stay at a hotel in VA beach which was the wrong idea. It was expensive and it was a shitty hotel, we got out of there the next day and headed to Bristow. We went through the Chesapeake Bay underwater tunnel which was sketchy in itself being in the same type of vehicle that blew up the Oklahoma Federal Building, that doesn’t run well. I thought for sure we were either going to break down in the tunnel, or they were going to search our shit. Neither of those things happened, and we made it to Bristow ready to rage the next day!

MAYHEM Bristow, VA Jiffy Lube Live Sun, August 8

These amphitheaters are really fucking good at hiding, and our GPS is really good at getting us lost. I swear you will be driving along wondering where the fuck this place is because the GPS said it was a mile ago, then all of a sudden you see cones and thousands of people, its fucking crazy!

This time the security was not letting us park up front, once again, too many cowboys not enough Indians or whatever that saying is. We have permission to do this, we just talked to head of security, but we’ll wait anyway, because we follow the RULES! Once we were given clearance it was ON! We have learned that if you give away a few cases of energy drinks at the beginning of the set, it gets everyone riled up, throw out a few shirts half way through and the diehards love it, then at the end some free CD’s, and people tip like crazy, then buy shit afterwords, this was THE most successful parking lot thus far…It was a FUCKING RAGER! HAHA.

Alright enough updates for one entry here, I’m going to get burnt out and start writing poorly, then I’ll have all sorts of assholes telling me I wrote shit wrong, plus I need to get back to the video editing, maybe sleeping, I don’t know, but all I know is we are on an epic fucking adventure, we are in Scranton PA, and Dano just showed up with 3 cases of beer that he apparently had to hide in a sweatshirt because we are in Amish country and it’s illegal to posses more than one case of beer, bring on the adventure!!

HATEBREED Myrtle Beach, SC HOB Mon, August 9

MAYHEM Tampa, FL Ford Amphitheatre Tue, August 10

MAYHEM West Palm Beach, FL Cruzan Amphitheater Wed, August 11

MAYHEM Dallas, TX Center Fri, August 13

MAYHEM Oklahoma City, OK Zoo Amphitheatre Sat, August 14

Kansas City, KS Uproar Festival at Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone Wed, August 18

Omaha, NE Uproar Festival at WestFair Amphitheatre Fri, August 20

Chicago, IL Uproar Festival at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Sat, August 21

Buffalo, NY Uproar Fest at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center Sun, August 22

Columbus, OH Uproar Festival at LC Outdoor Amphitheatre Tue, August 24


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