Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Time for the real show to begin!

After being starved from the Mayhem Festival for over a week and a half, we were ready to get back and see our friends rage it.  Hotel rooms get boring, and so do long drives.  We left The Warped Tour in Milwaukee and headed 2 hours south to Tinley Park, IL.  I asked Dano how he thinks all these tour busses get gas, if they go to some special station or something like that.  My question was answered when we rolled into the first truck stop and saw about 35 tour busses getting fuel.  Fueled up and went in to see about taking some truck stop showers, as well as some Arby’s.  The truck stop shower idea was scratched when the lady told me it was $10 a person for a shower, I can get a hotel room for that price, so fuck you, we’ll go another day without showers.  Over at Arby’s some French band was starting some high school shit with the person working behind the counter, it was literally like going to the fast food place by the local high school, where all the kids are stoked to be in moms car and do everything they can to make the workers night miserable.  Like an oasis in the middle of a desert we hear “motherfucking Athiarchists!”  Thinking we didn’t know anyone actually on the Warped Tour this one took us by surprise, as did it to the cooler than life Frenchie frog fucker kids in there thinking we were just some loser band sitting quietly in the corner.  It was our friend that manages MDC, and is tour managing The Casualties for this tour.  We talked for a few minutes about why either one of us was standing in that Wisconsin truck stop, seeing as we both live thousands of miles away, parted ways and headed for Tinley Park.

The drive was way shorter than I thought it was going to be, we arrived at the front door at 2AM.  I decided to set my alarm…..Allright so my blogging is off a little, just realized I covered this shit already.  Oh well the truck stop shit wasn’t in there, and that’s what blogging is all about right?  No rules, just right, so yeah set the alarm for every hour, woke up, tour busses are lost, Dano rolls up on John’s scooter yeah yeah yeah…

Seeing all our friends once again was fucking great!  As soon as we walk in the gate we see people wearing our shirts, raising their horns up saying “I thought you went home!”  We return with “fuck no we didn’t go home, our motor blew up!”  And fill them in on the story.  We TORE SHIT UP for our first legal legitimate Mayhem parking lot show, infact I as well as Dano almost died, It was humid as fuck, hot as fuck, and we had just gone longer than we ever have gone without playing a show, after a week and a half, we were fucking out of shape!  Finishing that set was the most satisfying feeling in the world, we parked and went in to watch the rest of the show.  We still did not have passes yet, so we just walked right in anyway, just like we did every other day.  We sat up in production and played free video games for awhile trying to cool down, then went out and raged it all day long to the bands, again it felt so damn good to be back.  This is where a seed was planted in our head by Jamey about playing Ozzfest, which is still a seed in our minds, hopefully we can pull it off, we would be stoked to rage another festival after Mayhem is done, hopefully the U-Haul holds up.

3 Gun from Hatebreed is sitting there after their set with a BBQ with no top grill to it.  He says they left it behind at the last show, I say hey wait a minute, I have a piece of expanded steel that were not using on the generator that will work perfectly.  I jump the fence to get into the U-Haul, grab this piece of steel, jump back over the fence, take it to 3 Gun and he responds with “that is the most punk rock thing I have ever seen in my life”.  It might be punk rock, but it will make the burgers for you!  Spray a little WD-40 on there and everything will be all good.  It actually worked pretty well after putting some aluminum foil on it.  At this point we found a break in the fence right behind Hatebreed’s bus.  Sol was hitting us up to come back and rage it, we were a little reluctant at first because we don’t want to piss off production on the first day we have permission, but when bands you grew up listening to are begging you to play, you fucking play, it doesn’t matter if you have permission or not.  So after the forklift moved we pulled in the broken part of the fence, and closed it back up.  Everyone was getting HAMMERED DRUNK just like every other night, and we were ready to rage, so right when Korn finished up, we opened the door and started raging it.

By the end of the set, during Reign in Blood, everyone was trying to knock the fence over.  Come to find out later from Mario(liquid metal) the fence kept hitting a portable bathroom, that had someone in it!  HAHA after the fence was stopped from being knocked over, some dude was actually in the portable bathroom taking a shit, comes out with one of those perplexed looks on his face like someone was just trying to knock over the shitter while he was in there.  This did not get captured on video, but is funny as fuck nonetheless.

I tell Dano and Wassus to party until bus call then wake me up when everyone leaves.  Dano wakes me up around 2:30, him and Wassus hop in the back to pass out, and I take off.  As I am pulling out of the parking lot I think I see Jamey running towards the van, yep that is Jamey running towards the van, apparently he thought the busses left at 3, but they left at 2.  So he asks me if he can get a ride and I respond with some sort of Waynes World were not worthy response, of course, get the fuck in, lets get you back to your bus.  His bus was about 30 minutes ahead of us already in Indiana.  So they stop at a Cracker Barrel off exit 3, were there in 30 minutes and everything is back on track, The Athiarchists save the day once again.

Noblesville, IN was a fairly close drive, about 3 to 4 hours away, I mean 6 or 7, I dont know, we showed up sometime around 9AM and it was pouring down rain.  I passed out for a couple hours in an effort to try and get a little something called sleep, something that comes few and far between now days, but fuck sleep, you can sleep when your dead!


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