Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Albuquerque Mayhem Update

After dealing with the hottest day on the entire Mayhem Tour(118 degrees) we decided it would be a good idea to leave and drive all night over to Albuquerque to avoid overheating.  We were going to have to go through Flagstaff which is what I am guessing the drive that killed the motor on the van.  It was pretty much straight uphill to Flag Town the whole way.  Not just a gradual uphill either, that was the steepest drive I have ever done, and just when you think it doesn’t get any steeper, it does.  By the time we hit Flagstaff, 5AM Aaron was out in full effect.  There is a video on here of that, I take all my clothes off while driving and singing Jackson Browne’s “Somebody’s Baby”.  I was having a great time, aulthough I really should have been sleeping.  We made it into Albuquerque around 10AM, as we were pulling into the show I was hearing some really weird noise coming from the engine, turns out that sound was two of the lower rod bearings were out and slamming the piston against the spark plugs.  We parked back by the bands even though at this point we still didn’t have permission to be on the tour.  I passed out for the entire day, and woke up sometime around 8PM, then got shit ready to go rage it in the parking lot after Zombie is done.

The parking layout was pretty cool, but finding a parking spot was a little hard, this was a sold out show and no one had really left yet.  we found an open spot kind of in the middle front so we took it.  Opened the door up when people started coming out and raged it for a half hour.  There were police everywhere checking us out, and that’s just what they were doing, checking us out.  After the show Wassus was asking me why they were taking pictures with their cel phones and running things on their computers, I told him they were probalby taking pictures and sending them to their friends, because they didn’t do anyting about us playing right in front of them.  We finished up, sold some shirts and CD’s, talked to people for a minute that hung around, aulthough most of them were scared away by the fuzz still sitting there making sure no one was drinking.

(30 min later) Hey Wassus, you hear that?  Yeah that sounds kind of weird, lets pull over and check it out.  We fueled up and checked under the hood, saw that this air cooling hose had come off, so we taped it back up, then fired the beast up and heard the worst sound we could possibly hear from the motor, so we decided to park and check it out in the morning, this can’t be good.  It made an even worse sound in the morning, and we knew we were fucked.  It is now Sunday and we can not get a tow anywhere because we do not know what mechanic to have it towed to in Albuquerque until Monday.  Looks like were going to be stuck here for a minute, on an Indian Reservation, at a casino/gas station, I can definitely think of worse places, next blog Fear and Loathing in The Hollywood Hills of New Mexico….


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