Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Music Adventure Stage Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 25, 2010

Crashing the Mayhem tour across America, The Athiarchists make history and pioneer a new era for independent musicians, stepping up the DIY attitude by building a mobile stage they can both live out of and play anywhere, anytime.

“Don’t be another part of the herd!!” -The Athiarchists

Portland, Or – July 24th, 2010
“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, they drove up and before they even stopped the door rolled up, fog started rolling out, the music started and next thing you know there’s a huge moshpit on the sidewalk in the middle of Portland, it was unbelievable!”

This is the kind of excitement The Athiarchists have been generating in response to what they have been calling The Music Adventure Tour. Word has been spreading like wildfire as news of their mobile stage began to circulate in the press, generating 250 hits per hour on their website after all the bands on the Mayhem tour began showing up on stage with The Athiarchists signature shirts and picket signs that proclaim “I support The Athiarchists – Let Them Play!”

The Athiarchists are a two-piece band out of Eugene, Oregon who are known for their explosive controversial lyrics as well as their intense performance and relentless tour schedule, having played nearly 900 shows in the last 4 years. With elements of metal, hardcore, punk and thrash in the mix, their sound defies definition. They have become local legends with the hilariously raw behind the scenes tour footage called Athiarchist TV.

Even more of a buzz got started when they began randomly showing up at major festivals and raging it in the parking lot. Their latest effort, the Mobile Music Adventure Stage is an overhauled 24’ U-haul with a 12,500 watt generator, full PA, stage, lighting, gear storage and sleeping bunks. They have crashed shows previously on the Mayhem, Warped and Jagermeister Music tours, and most recently their third circuit following the 2010 Rockstar Mayhem tour where they have become notorious for shutting down the night with so much energy that huge pits form. The band is unstoppable, spending this week in Albuquerque, NM with a blown engine and $6400 repair tag. Any other band with no tour support would have headed home; instead fans and musicians everywhere began donating money to help them get back on the tour. The band recently announced they will be back causing Mayhem in the parking lots by the July 30th date at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park, IL. They are self produced, marketed, managed, and independently distributed. Look for their album out next month entitled A Verbal Lashing in parking lots EVERYWHERE!

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