Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

A Week has gone by…

And were still here in Albuquerque. Granted a week ago we were still stranded on an Indian reservation for another 48 hours. It is like Fear and Loathing in Albueuerque, we are destroying this hotel room, and we refuse to let room service in to clean it up. I wouldn’t really say its an intentional destruction, just put 3 dudes in a hotel room for a week straight and see what happens.

A typical day goes like this. I wake up first, usually around 9:02AM, right after the free continental breakfast, I kick dano(which is on the floor) and say “Dano, bed” because there are only 2 beds in here, and Dano likes to sleep rape people so he just hangs out on the floor, which is cool because he is always the last to pass out, after drinking all the beer and missing the beginning of free hot breakfast at about 5:59AM. At this time is also where I can go to and see just what Dano ended up doing the night before, weather it be going skinny dipping in the closed pool at 4AM, or catching a ride into downtown by someone he just met at the bar that is connected to our hotel. I am on the computer from 9AM to about 6PM, which is when Wassus and Dano usually simultaneously wake up and start off the second half of the day which is swimming and physical activity. They usually talk me into going down to the pool, which is cool with me because it takes care of the shower and laundry part of the day(I just brushed my teeth for the first time on this entire tour 36 hours ago). After pool time is done, Dano and Wassus work on their new Craigslist businesses and I get back to the computer for the duration of the evening. At some point around 10:30 or 11 I will usually pass out from smoking so much Mexican brick weed that my eyelids refuse to open up anymore. Such was the case last night, when I passed out while eating a bag of Cheetohs, still eating the Cheetohs while asleep, while Dano and Wassus continued to rage multiple games of Magic The Gathering against each other. Keep in mind the TV has been on for a week straight, I don’t think any of us really watch it at all, it has been on Cartoon Network for about the last 3 days with the volume muted. The blackout blinds have never been opened, not much light is ever in the room, save a couple lights here and there when we need to actually see something. We met this band down at the bar last night. They’re going to let us play a couple songs on their equipment, and this is awesome because I have not gone this long without playing a show in over 4 years. I feel like I’ve been watching porno for a week straight with no outlet to relieve myself, and I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say that. When we get the Mobile Stage back on Tuesday, I swear we will rage it all the way to Cincinnati, after playing a show for the fine mechanics that are piecing our piece of music equipment back together. People may have thought we turned around and went home, but really………We havent even begun!!!!

Thanks again to everyone for all the donations, we appreciate it more than anything anyone has ever done for us!!!!



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