Catch us all summer long on the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Parts list to build a mobile stage

Do you ever want to build your own mobile stage? Well here is the only organization that we utilized in the entire process. A combination of lists of things that we needed from town every time we left the Uhaul hangar. There were no plans drawn out anywhere, just what was in our heads, instead of deleting this I thought we would share it with everyone so you can see what 4 stoners can accomplish with a will, a way, and a deadline

Go thru
Other gen
Lights fog strobe
Backup plug
Protest signs
Cheap shirts
Merch organize bins
I’m here to see hatebreed sign
Secure chain
Build pyro boxes for firecrackers
Merch money box
Merch boxes
Cut off mic stand ends
Pa speaker tiedoens
Screw down wiring channel
Radio shack
Home depot
Patch material
Fog juice
Ext cords
Longer screws
Shorter screws
First aid
Eye bolts
Batt terminals
Batt cleaner
Side mirror for uhaul
Pipe insulation
34 In plywood
Joanna fabrics
Rv window seal
Rv window screws
6 and 3
3 and 10
Order shirts
Wood/fuel lines
Windows 7
Hard drive
Rubber for bottom of speakers
Way to cut rubber
Pipe strapping
2×4 and plywood
Press release
YouTube video


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